Silent Screams by Terry D. Scheerer


Silent Screams
By: Terry D. Scheerer

Silent screams, echoes of fright,
Empty voices fill the night.

All around I hear the cries,
Of tormented souls, with sightless eyes.

Lost and forlorn, ne'er more to be free,
These spirits of the Damned call out to me.

And what do they say when they talk to me so?
They tell me to leave, that it's time to go.

These voices I hear, those silent screams,
Cry out that life is not at all what it seems.

We have one chance in Hell to do this up right,
Else we too will be just silent screams, lost in the night.

About the Author

A published writer since 2001, along with his work which has appeared in "The World of Myth," Terry D. Scheerer's short stories have appeared in such magazines as, "Dragonlaugh," "Sword's Edge," "The Eldritch Gazette," "Horrotica" and "GlassFire Magazine." Also, a book of his collected poetry and short stories was published by Gateway Press in August, 2005. Mr. Scheerer continues to work as an Editor and writer (as health permits) on a number of ongoing projects.
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