Rift By: Terry D. Scheerer


By: Terry D. Scheerer

With their trap set, Raal waited for the Rift to appear. The temperature became noticeably colder and the static charge was so strong he could feel his bones vibrate. Then there was a sound, as if the air itself were being ripped apart, and a jagged, bright pulsating light appeared a few feet above the ground, right in the middle of the alley. Raal turned on the containment force field and the Rift was immediately enclosed.

As the Rift grew larger, a dark form stepped through the opening, moved quickly to one side and crouched down as it peered around the alley. Raal noted that the creature was covered in black material and carried, what seemed to be, a large weapon. Another figure stepped through the Rift and moved aside, and then a third form appeared from the light. This one held an instrument out before it – possibly some sort of scanner – but the alien’s technology would be unable to penetrate the energy shield.

As the Rift started to close, Raal realized this was only a scouting party. No doubt they had been sent ahead of the actual invasion force to determine if any new deterrents against them were developed since their last incursion. The captain smiled to himself; these three would never report back to their superiors regarding the recently developed containment force field.

As soon as the being holding the scanner noticed something was wrong, Raal gave the order to open fire. A dozen pulse rifles from all sides of the alley poured their energy through the field and into the three surprised aliens. One of the creatures managed to get off a single wild shot, but the energy from its weapon harmlessly dissipated against the shield’s interior. In a matter of moments the aliens were all dead.

Raal cut power to the field and cautiously moved toward the bodies. When he was close enough he recognized this species of alien and kicked one of the corpses with his clawed foot. "Flotsed humans," he squawked as the tall crest feathers on his head vibrated with anger. "When will they learn we will not abide their savage kind in our dimension!"

The End

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