Silent Screams by Kevin Magnus


Silent Screams
By: Kevin Magnus

Filled with frustration, anger, and despair
I beg to a God for life to be fair
I have stood my ground for all these years
Amid success with little heartache or tears
Have I finally came to my defeat
Unable to succeed, unable to meet?

I am tired, weary, and distraught
Never-ending battles, as I begin to rot
No more fighting, no more drive
No more journey, to try and stay alive
I hear the demons at my feet begin to laugh
Knowing my quest is near ended, on my final path

As I fall, I am hopeless, weak, and beaten
Descending into the darkness my soul is eaten
With all my silent screams that linger inside
Unable to expose them, I simply cried
My screams are no longer silent, as I plummeted and fell
I exited the darkness into a fiery pit of hell

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a senior contributor to the site. He was one of the first poets to contribute in the first issue of “The World of Myth”. Now into what he feels his PRIME, Magnus attempts to produce the best possible pieces for this magazine!
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