No symphony for the calculating killer by 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren


No symphony for the calculating killer
By: Rebecca C. Lofgren

I often question my own sanity

Does this prove my lack of humanity?

To prey on such weakness can only prove cruel

But without this lust I would have no fuel

My animalistic desires control all of my thoughts

But why do I cry as the lifeless body rots?

I wish to be free of the discomforting remorse

This damn lust for the drain is my driving force

But none of this quite matters much anymore

No longer shall these hands cause such indescribable gore

This is my end just silent goodbyes

So by the witness of the sun I shall meet my deserving painful demise.

About the Author

Rebecca C. Lofgren is an author of gothic and obscure writings. Best known for her "Book of Dreams", a complete collection of her most recent works of short stories, poetry, and artwork. Which focuses on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition. Her book is sold worldwide, making her one of the most widely read authors at The World of Myth.
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