Light of Day by Mark A. Mihalko


Light of Day
By: Mark A. Mihalko

Safe at last
At least for the moment
I am not sure for how long
Or what we are up against
Yet, the sanctity of this place sooths me
Drowning the ghastly visions from my mind
The house is dark
Hopefully, it remains secure
Only four of us survive
Elexis failed to make it
Her body defiled by the fowl demons that hunt us
I remember the anguish in her eyes as she fell
An anguish that turned to terror as they penetrated her voids
The blood only seemed to invigorate them
That and the oozing grey
Are we the only ones?
We canít be
Somewhere, someone else must be alive
What could have caused the horrific torture?
Created these maggot infested fiends
The hands on the clock grow weary
We can only last a little longer
Our ammunition disappears with every passing second
Luckily we found their fatal flaw
Ironic that their cravings mirror their demise
Hurry, board the windows
I can hear them in the distance
Their moans pierce the stillness of our surroundings
Coming forth to exact their revenge
To feast on our souls
To prey on our minds
The shots continue to ring through
Only eight bullets remain
There must be another way to stop them
Scurry to the basement
They cannot reach us there
Can they?
We must not panic, the silence is our friend
Our only hope if we wish to survive this nightmare
To again see the light of day

About the Author

Mark A. Mihalko is a poet, writer, researcher and editorial editor for Haunted Times Magazine.
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