..Welcome to issue 40 of The World of Myth!!! Join us as we say good-bye!!! And welcome the coming of the new 2M Magazine...So come join in on the fun one last time!!! the...World of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Be Well Come to the final issue (really--this is the Last one) of The World of Myth in its on-line version. As this special issue is number 40, David K. Montoya thought it might be poetic to close out nearly five years of publication with the same contributors who appeared in the very first issue of The World of Myth back in September, 2004.

    Consequently, I was asked to be guest Editor for this issue, as I was the original editor of The World of Myth and held that position for some three years. I also contributed to the first issue, and so am pleased to offer you a new story, "Aye, Robot," as well as another chapter of "Queen of the Westerlands" in this issue.

    Also returning for this issue is Rebecca Lofgren with some new art work, and Kevin Magnus with two new poems, both of whom appeared in the first issue of The World of Myth.

    David K.Montoya returns as well and offers up a new story for this issue, which is a prequel piece to his long-running story, "The End."

    We also have an interview with the new Chairman, President and CFO of Dark Myth Productions, Mario Martinez.

    So, while this may be a much shorter issue than you are used to, all of us sincerely hope that you will spend just a little more time with The World of Myth before it fades from the electronic pages and is reincarnated into 2M Magazine. And above all, we certainly hope that you...


    Many thanks to all of you,

    Terry D. Scheerer

    Join the fun one last time at the World Of Myth!..

    Story of the Month

    Even as Barker called out his warning, Humphrey saw three wolves emerge from the bushes across the clearing from him. Heads lowered and teeth bared, the wolves moved slowly into the open and stopped, waiting... Click Here to read : Terry D. Scheerer 's Queen of the Westerlands Part XV
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