Tired and Weary by Kevin Magnus


Tired and Weary
By: Kevin Magnus

Tired and weary, these eyes burn from lack of sleep, But, I must resume the pace, to hold up my keep.

I can't gather a thought because of how my head aches, And to make it through the night I must do what it takes.

My whole body burns as if it were on fire-- With each passing moment I continue to tire.

When will this hellish torment ever end, That I may let these tired bones sit and mend?

But, I still have many hours left to go, To be here amid all this death and woe.

I must go on and see this drama finished, Even though I am so completely diminished.

People all 'round seem so happy and cheery, Alas, for me, I am simply tired and weary.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a new submitter to the site'. He has just recently started writing poetry, and has found a new passion that he never knew was there.
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