Final Question By: Terry D. Scheerer


Final Question
By: Terry D. Scheerer

I am poised upon a pillar tall,
Just waiting for the coming fall.
High above the land and sea,
Knowing it's too late for me.

Yesterdays will tell the tale,
Always close, but always fail.
Tried so hard to reach the top,
Now it's just a longer drop.

All around I see the signs,
Time to cut the tie that binds.
Too late now to change the past,
Just my pain seems sure to last.

Almost time to take the leap,
To lay me down and finally sleep.
But before I go, I need to know,
Why doesn't anything rhyme with orange?

About the Author

Terry D. Scheerer feels that his poetry reflects aspects of his life, much of which has been dark, dreary, full of pain, death, disappointment and disillusionment. But, then, whose life hasn't been?
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