The World of Myth Movie Reviews


The World of Myth Movie Reviews

Welcome movie fans to the next edition of the "World of Myth" movie reviews. This is Moviegoer Grim and there are a few movies I want to cover, so lets get started.

First of all, there is, "Team America World Police", which comes from the wacky creators of "South Park". The plot of this story is; evil terrorists are making plans to destroy the world as we know it and a group of trigger-happy, city destroying, I.Q. less than two 'Heroes' must save the world.

Now, I'm trying to be fair to this film and after all, I did sit through the whole thing, but this movie was horrible! This flick was so bad it made "Kung Pow" look Oscar worthy. So, what was SO bad about this movie, you ask? For one thing, there was too much swearing and we mean WAY too much. There was swearing in the background music for Pete Sakes! You would think Stone and Parker (the writers, directors, creators, etc.) would have learned about the over-usage of profanity after the public reaction to "South Park The Movie". Believe it or not, "Team America" makes "South Park" look like a sunday school film. And then there were the gay jokes, which were way overdone. One could possibly put over that type of joke once or twice, but over and over? It gets tiresome and loses its effect, not to mention that it may become overly offensive to some people.

And speaking of overly offensive was the way they portrayed real life actors like Alec Baldwin, Helen Hunt and Matt Damon (to name but a few) to be right-winged, blood-sucking terrorists, who are eventually killed in a brutal showdown with Team America.

So, for "Team America", I give it four out of five Hangman's Nooses, because it was a god-awful movie and if you go see it, you'll end up wanting to kill yourself.

The next movie on my Hit List is, "The Grudge", written and directed by the creator of "The Ring". In this flick, we find Susan (Sara Michelle Gellar) as an American caretaker in Japan, trying to find out the truth behind a number of mysterious deaths that occur after people enter a cursed house. This movie reminded me of "The Ring" and it did have some good parts that would make you jump out of your seat. For the most part, I did enjoy this movie.

Its main problem, I believe, results from 'culture clash'. Director Takashi Shimizu is able to envision great tales of epic horror. For example, he created "Ringu", which was a great hit in Japan. He then brought in an American screenwriter to adapt his concept to Western ideology and thus the movie, "The Ring" was a great hit. This time around, in "The Grudge", he himself rewrote the script (that's why nearly a third of the movie is in Japanese), and he was unable to connect with Western moviegoers in this film simply because it was not translated well into the American way of storytelling.

So, all things considered, "The Grudge" receives a mere two howls of pleasure.

And last but definitely not least, we look at "Saw". Or, I could say that we saw "Saw" or that I went out to see "Saw". Either way, the general plot of this film is that two people are held captive and must figure out a way to escape before their end comes. I did enjoy this movie--very much, in fact. I must admit that I was grumbling at the very beginning of the film, because it was very slow and choppy, but once the movie picked up momentum, it was off and running.

It held me through every twist and turn, right up until the very shocking ending. This movie was very well done and I have no other choice but to give it two and a half howls of pleasure.

Well, that's it from me, this month. Remember, the best opinion is your own, so go out there and review the movies I've covered and then let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, this is Moviegoer Grim, saying, 'That's all, folks!'

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