Troll Charges By: Terry D. Scheerer


Troll Charges
By: Terry D. Scheerer

The line wasn't moving. Lila craned her head around the elbow of a hulking rock giant directly in front of her and peered toward the counter, some twenty bodies farther along the line. Why was it that boarding the Trans-Dimensional Time Frame Travel Tunnel always took so blasted long? She glanced at her wrist-pilot and saw that if she didn't board her tunnel in the next twenty minutes, she would probably miss her connection with Earth Proper, which meant she would have to make at least two sub-connections on smaller tunnels and that was always dangerous. On those smaller tunnels you never knew where you might get routed to before you eventually (and hopefully) arrived at your destination.

Lila looked around the station, which at this time of day was packed with an assortment of creatures from a variety of fantasy worlds. Surprisingly, she noticed a counter on the far side of the terminal which had only one customer waiting in line. Grabbing up her suitcase, she headed across the crowded station, at one point stumbling over a family of pixies heading home from an obvious holiday. All eight of the child pixies wore tiny beanies with large mouse ears attached and for a supposed fairy creature, their father certainly had a foul mouth.

"Sorry. So sorry, I didn't see you," Lila explained as she brushed the pixie dust from her skirt and hurried on toward the counter. When she arrived, the reason only one customer had been in this line became obvious--she was in line for a Troll Tunnel.

"Blast," she muttered under her breath. Looking over to the line she had just left, she saw that by losing her place to come over to this counter, there would now be more than thirty creatures ahead of her if she tried to go back. Resigned, she turned back to the counter just as the troll attendant was stamping the paperwork of an extremely ugly goblin.

The little creature snatched up his passport (Lila could only assume it was a male of the species, as both goblin sexes looked and smelled very much alike) and as it turned, he gave her a lingering look that moved slowly up and down her body (yes, it was definitely a male) that ended in a disgusting leer. A narrow forked tongue slid out of his mouth to lick a pair of thin lips, eyeing her as anything from a possible sexual conquest to his next meal.

Lila didn't speak Goblin, so she gave him the universally recognized single-digit salute to discourage his attempted advance. He sneered at her, brushed back the three strands of long gray hair on his otherwise bald pate and waddled away, hissing his displeasure.

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About the Author

A published writer since 2001, along with his work which has appeared in "The World of Myth," Terry D. Scheerer's short stories have appeared in such magazines as, "Dragonlaugh" and "Sword's Edge," and a book of his collected poetry and short stories was published by Gateway Press in August, 2005. Mr. Scheerer continues to work as an Editor and writer (as health permits) on a number of ongoing projects.
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