Battle Blades #1--The Battle of Demon Canyon By: L. Craig Woods


Battle Blades #1--
The Battle of Demon Canyon
By: L. Craig Woods

The deserted enemy camp turned up much needed food and supplies, as well as replacement weapons and protective gear which Lashki and his men made good use of during their long march back to the sea. From there, Lashki and 47 other warriors--all of those who were fortunate enough to survive their wounds--eventually made their way north, back to their home port. Lashki vowed on the blood of his fallen comrades to return to Bajhin when the ice melted next spring and burn that city to the ground.

At the time he made that promise, he had no way of knowing of the legend that was growing up around himself and his warriors as a result of their victory at what was being called the Battle of Demon Canyon.

The End

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