Battle Blades #1--The Battle of Demon Canyon By: L. Craig Woods


Battle Blades #1--
The Battle of Demon Canyon
By: L. Craig Woods

Bekkar attempted to rally what was left of his command, but quickly saw the uselessness of that endeavor. Those of his men who had not yet fled the area of battle were quickly being overpowered and killed by the frenzied warriors who were supposed to have been the prey in this trap. Knowing that he still had several hundred soldiers waiting outside the canyon, Bekkar decided to retreat with what men he could and come back with reinforcements to finish off Lashki and his band of barbarians. He had not counted, however, on the full scale slaughter that was going on all around him.

Back at the barricade, Bekkar's men were trying to climb over the bodies of their own companions who had been impaled earlier in the trench. Those who were trying to flee were now being shot in the back with arrows from the hillsides. Many of those who attempted to run from the battle were being hacked down from behind as Lashki's howling warriors chased the retreating soldiers clear up to the earthen barricade. Scores of panicked soldiers died at this obstacle, stabbed or shot in the back as they frantically attempted to climb over the dead and dying that were quickly filling the long, deep trench. Bekkar himself fell at the edge of the barricade, a sword through his throat as he turned to meet the pursuing barbarians.

Those that did manage to escape the canyon alive kept running right through their own encampment, to the surprise and then fear of the other soldiers awaiting battle. Most of those men who ran through the camp were wounded and many had lost their weapons. All of them shouted something about demons attacking from the underworld and warriors made of dirt and stone who could not be killed. As more and more of the defeated troops swept past the camp and word came that Bekkar himself had been slain, those soldiers who had not yet been in the battle felt it was time to cut their losses and follow their comrades back to the safety of their own city. They had not been hired to fight deathless underworld demons and most decided that their own continued presence here would make little difference in the overall outcome of the battle. Not bothering to break camp, the reserve forces quickly followed their fleeing companions with only what they could carry on their backs.

Some time later, bleeding from numerous wounds and leaning heavily on his bloodied sword, Lashki stood at the entrance to the canyon and surveyed the now empty valley which stretched away before him. Only 56 of his followers remained to stand with him. The rest were now dead or lay near death within the canyon.

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