There’s a Human Under My Bed! By: Steve Bolin


There’s a Human Under My Bed!
By: Steve Bolin

Marty was a little monster, lying in his bed,
It was time to go to sleep, that’s what Mom had said.
But Marty was afraid, so scared that he cried,
He couldn’t go to sleep, no matter how he tried.
He hid under the blankets, with a pillow over his head,
He just knew there was a Human, hiding beneath the bed.
Marty yelled for mother, could she check beneath his bed,
There was a Human hiding, and they were scary, so he’d read.
And if it wasn’t any trouble, could she check the closet too,
Little Humans were quite sneaky, who knew what they might do?
Why it might be a little girl, or even worse a little boy,
He just knew that they were hiding, and could she check behind that toy?
Humans were quite creepy, Oh, he’d heard such awful things,
How they had tails, scales and horns, and even had big wings!
His mom searched high and she searched low, she even looked beneath a ring,
She looked for Humans everywhere, but couldn’t find a thing.
Mom searched all his room, there was no place that she missed,
She finally said to Marty, “Maybe Humans don’t exist!”
His mother kissed him softly, and picked a toy up off the floor,
She turned the lights out in his room, and quietly shut the door.
“Did you hear that?” Marty whispered, “Did you hear what Momma said?”
“Now there’d better not be Humans, anywhere beneath my bed!”
Marty went to sleep after listening for any spooky sounds,
He convinced himself that Humans, would never come around.
There’s a moral to this story, that kids should listen to:
Don’t be afraid of monsters, ‘cause they’re more afraid of you!

About the Author

A life long resident of Indiana and full time writer, Steve Bolin has previously published poetry and short stories in, "Black Petals," and "Dark Moon Rising."
To obtain copies of Mr. Bolin's recently released book, "Black Rising," please contact him directly at

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