The Escape Artist's Trick By: Marileta Hunsford


The Escape Artist's Trick
By: Marileta Hunsford

You want to know the secret

             behind my trick--

the subtle shift of matter,

            the way I move and am not seen?


What if I told you I use no trick,

            no gimmick in my act,

no hidden heart up my sleeve

            no trap door beneath my feet?


Would you cover an amused

and patronizing smile with a loud, unnecessary cough?

Or would your eyes sharpen and shine?

            Would you believe me?


My magic has no explanation--

            no phrases that fit

But wait,



It’s there…

Are you paying attention?

About the Author

Marileta Hunsford is a librarian for a county library in central Indiana. She has been writing poetry and stories since she was in elementary school and her love of writing motivated her to get her B.A, in English. She completed her masters at IUPUI.

"Writing is my escape and safety valve. It's kept me from despairing and helped me focus my eyes on the peace at the end of a struggle. If I didn't write I would probably be in an asylum right now. I can take out real-life frustrations on fictional characters and find courage by giving my protagonists the strength I long for."

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