Welcome to our creepiest issue ever!!! Enjoy this month as we celebrate Halloween with special additions to our horror section! Plus don't forget to check all of the new stories, artwork, and poems..So come join in on the fun!!! World of Myth!...

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  • Welcome to The World of Myth!

    Death lurks at our chamber door. It perches solemnly, taking the shape of a black raven who utters a single, ominous word of foreboding prophecy, “Nevermore.” The foul creature ignores our begging pleas of mercy and compassion, nor does it respond to threats of pain or death – for who can kill that which is already dead?

    The dark wings of the death raven open and its feathers spread apart, releasing a curse of death, a ghastly plague against which there is no cure. It is a terminal disease which has infected The World of Myth, for we were the unfortunate victims of the raven’s inescapable wrath. We have only a few months remaining, if that, and then we will be… nevermore.

    To those of you who purchased our first pdf download, I say thank you from everyone at Dark Myth Productions. Your support and appreciation for the efforts of our talented staff and contributors have meant the world to us. I only wish there were more of you; otherwise I would not have to make the following announcement.

    Running a magazine such as this takes money, but the uncertainties of a volatile economy has forced Dark Myth Production Studio’s Board of Directors to make some very difficult decisions. It was initially hoped that the new downloadable magazine would generate income with which to continue operations. Such was not the case; expectations were higher than the actual results. Therefore, due to the low volume of sales for The World of Myth pdf download, TWoM, as you know it, will cease to exist after the December ’08 issue.

    In its place a new magazine will be created, rising from the ashes of TWoM like a mythical phoenix. This new magazine has been designed by Dark Myth Production Studios to appeal to a larger reader base and attract paying subscribers. With this birth will come many changes, but an announcement concerning those changes should be forthcoming by the time our last issue appears in December.

    Now then, enough of that. As the Halloween season slithers upon us, take this opportunity to sit back and relax. Find a comfortable chair, preferably in a well lit room, and curl up with a freshly printed copy of The World of Myth. Try not to think of the thing of evil which might be perched just outside your chamber door. The fluttering sound of feathers in the midnight air probably doesn’t mean that your soul will be trapped within the shadow that creeps along the floor.

    Now that I’ve freed your mind from worry, allow me to introduce our entertainers for the evening:

    Marileta Hunsford continues her tale of science fiction in The Sapphire House – Part 4. Then discover what happens next in the strange worlds of The Portal – Part 3 by Kevin Miller.

    Put away your sheepish grin because Creature Feature, by Sarah Wilson Basore, will show you exactly where the wolf is. Are pumpkins a girl’s best friend? Find out in my story, Letter from the Dead.

    John Miller reveals the truth of our reality and how it is really shaped in Storytellers. The flash fiction piece, Bad Luck Penny, by Ray Gunn, ponders a presidential perspective. Read the final installment of Adam Janus’ captivating fantasy, The Last of the Eagle Riders – Part 3. Scream of the Butterfly – Part 5 & 6, by T.G. Browning, continues its march toward a climactic finish.

    Tiffany Proctor explores the nine levels of spell in Zorch’s Inferno.

    Check out these poetry gems:
    Earthbound and by Michael Suave
    Comeuppance by Marileta Hunsford
    Immortal Life by Tiffany Proctor

    Here’s some candy for the eye…
    Trinity by Mike Suave
    Ghoul by Dan Moran
    Zorch by Tiffany Proctor
    Forest Lord by Jeff Irving

    Movie Reviews
    See how Pixilated Polly fares in her attempt to list her 10 favorite movies for Halloween. Which recommendation will you like best?

    Book Review
    Adhemar de Fey continues to adapt to his mortal transformation as he consumes Fran Friel’s anthology of dark tales, featuring the Bram Stoker award nominated story, Mama’s Boy.

    John Miller tangles with the maniacal Myth Master in an interview unlike any you’ve read before. For those interested in taking over the position of interviewing hapless victims in our torture chamber, this column is a must read!

    Text Education
    Celeste De’Luna releases her textual inhibitions and reveals to us a way of developing characters that’s influenced by the Halloween spirit. ‘Tis the season to be scary.

    Don’t forget to cast your vote for this issue’s poll. Also, make sure you give our authors and staff members plenty of feedback on the Forum.

    Have a good Halloween night and… pleasant screams – evermore.

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Dearest Emily,

    If you’re reading this letter then I’m already dead and buried. I apologize for any discomfort you must feel knowing that your great-grandmother is speaking to you from beyond the grave. I felt it was important that you receive, among other things, this letter detailing pertinent information you need concerning your new home... Click Here for Steve Bolin's Letter from the Dead

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