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Hi, guys. Pixilated Polly is back to talk to you about entertainment. And what could be more entertaining than a Friday evening spent with Robert Downy, Jr.? Yes, Polly’s new husband took her to see Iron Man . Polly was not disappointed.

Let me preface this by saying I’ve always been a fan of Robert Downy, Jr. He fairly channeled Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin . I thought he should’ve won the Oscar for that performance. He’s done a fine job in whatever project he tackles. It saddened me when RDJ went through his personal troubles, but it’s great to see he’s overcome them. All the while, growing as an actor. He proves it by portraying Tony Stark in Iron Man .

In Iron Man , wealthy weapons mogul Tony Stark is a jerk. True, he’s a charming jerk, but he has no concern for anyone but himself, how many women he can conquer, how many toys he can buy or, better yet, create. Creating is one big game to Stark: a challenge to make a bigger and badder weapon. When he goes to Afghanistan to demonstrate one of his creations, the Jericho missile, his convoy is attacked and all hell breaks loose. In an ingenious show of irony (check out the name on that bomb) many are killed and Stark is taken captive. Suffice it to say he learns about sacrifice from a fellow captive. After seeing first hand what his creations have done to the innocent, Stark must build an iron suit to escape. He goes home. Now he must decide what to do with his life, should he go on like nothing has happened, or use the suit to fight the damage his greed has wrought?

Robert Downy, Jr. does a great job of character growth, going from jerk to likable hero. And a very capable cast of actors supports him. Jeff Bridges plays Stark’s partner, Obidiah, with a lack of scene chewing that makes his character all too believable. Gwyneth Paltrow is Pepper Potts, his loyal and longing assistant. She plays her role with touching vulnerability, and we can see her love for her boss. Terrance Howard is Jim Rhodes, and this man can act! Rhodes is a military man whom Stark teases for his serious dedication. It’s a dedication Stark finds comes in handy at a crucial point in the film. Like I said… a great cast.

The special effects are amazing. The suit is almost a character in itself, busting across the screen, heavily blasting things out of its way. Explosions ensue, with lots of bad guys getting their a**es kicked… all the things Polly longs for in summer movie escapism.

By the way, humor plays a big part in this movie. The writers and director, those smart little dickenses, know if they give the viewer one action scene after another, with no break, the action, no matter how awesomely directed, becomes redundant. Humor goes a long way to diffuse tension. Like in the Universal films of old, a well-placed bit of laughter can even add to the impact of dire action when it comes. And Stark’s one way banter with the robot that helped him build and test his suit added to the humanity of his character.

All said and done let’s sum it up in one sentence. Iron Man has a great cast and it comes together, along with great writing and great pacing, to make a wonderful film.

Pixilated Polly gives Iron Man 4 ½ howls of pleasure .

* * *

Fair warning, dear reader, Polly is on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer kick. For Polly, shy and introverted as she used to be, a good part of high school was hell. And no one gets that point across better than Joss Whedon. Sunnydale High is built on the very mouth of Hell.

Polly watched the movie, and it’s decent enough entertainment. Rutger Hauer plays the head vamp with campy menace, Paul (Pewee Herman) Reubens plays his minion, Christy Swanson portrays Buffy, Donald Sutherland, her watcher and they all make up a good cast. The movie is full of camp. Luke Perry causes Reubens to lose his arm and Reubens orders his sidekicks to “Kill him a lot!” Ruebens’ long, drawn out death scene makes me laugh out loud. Yet the movie is all about having fun. I never felt any real sense of danger during the screening.

BtVS: The Series is a whole other animal. Yes it too is fun and it does have its humorous moments, but it can be deadly serious. The series is peopled with characters I came to appreciate and eventually began to care about. As Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar can go from strong to vulnerable… zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds. Nicholas Brendon and Alyson Hannigan, as Xander and Willow, are great as the unlikely accomplices in slayage, a.k.a. “The Scooby Gang.” David Boreanaz plays Angel with a depth of soul (pun intended) lacking in a lot of recent vampire portrayals. I can feel his angst, his regret for the lives he snuffed out with no thought, casually like a guy eating a piece of steak. Angel has feelings … which brings me to the love story (This is Polly, after all. Was there ever any doubt it would come to love?) Angel is cursed with a soul. However, if he “lives” a moment of true happiness, he reverts back to evil Angelus. So what does he do? Fall in love with our brave heroine Buffy. She returns the favor. They kiss—he turns all vampire face. They declare their love and consummate it… Angelus is back and Season One is at an end.

So far, I own only Season One. I’ve devoured it and found it playful and a good reminder of why I was glued to the set when the series first aired. Rest assured I’ll be purchasing the remaining seasons. I f you’re a fan, I’m preaching to the choir. If not, you should rewatch the series. I believe you’ll be glad you did.

Pixilated Polly gives Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Movie 3 howls of pleasure .

She gives Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season One 4 howls of pleasure.

* * *

Fair warning, dear viewer, Polly’s sweet husband just bought her Season One and Two of Angel. He does know the way to a woman’s heart.

See you next time.

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