Going Camping with Grandpa By: Grandpa Perky


Going Camping with Grandpa
By: Grandpa Perky

Henry laughed again.

A few hours into their journey, Grandpa Henry pulled into Flaming Arrow Reservation. To Edwin it was amazing. Huge trees covered the area amongst a carpet of freshly cut green grass. There were tents scattered around the campground with other families moving about them. He saw several people at huge barbeques cooking some delicious meal.

“Let’s stop looking and start doing, before we lose daylight,” Henry said as he got out of his vehicle.

And that they did. The boy and his grandfather pitched their tent, and afterwards had a hardy dinner. Edwin was ready to begin their hike but was disappointed when Grandpa Henry told him it was getting late and instead would set out first thing in the morning.

“But, Grandpa . . . it’s still early, what are we going to do tonight?” Edwin whined.

Grandpa Henry replied while holding his stubbled chin. “Oh Eddy, there are lots of things we can do. Let me think, hmm…”

“What would you and your dad do?” Edwin asked with a hint of enthusiasm back into his voice. “Oh, I know! How about we roast marshmallows and I’ll tell you a story about Cowboys and Indians?”

So for the next hour Grandpa Henry told him the story of the legendary Wild Bill Hickok. Wild Bill was a feared gunfighter with his trusty Colt 44 and was even a respected man of the law. Before Henry could finish his tale of the old west, he noticed that his young grandson had drifted off to sleep. The grandfather scooped the child up in his arms and carried him into the tent for a good night’s sleep.


Edwin dreamed about being in the old west, but instead of Wild Bill it was his grandpa who was the famous gunfighter. After a while Edwin awoke from his dream with nature calling.

“Grandpa Henry! Grandpa Henry wake up!”

“What? What’s the matter Eddy?” Grandpa Henry asked as he looked up from his pillow.

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