Going Camping with Grandpa By: Grandpa Perky


Going Camping with Grandpa
By: Grandpa Perky

Seven-year-old Edwin McCormack was excited about going camping with his Grandpa Henry. He knew his grandfather would arrange some grand excursion for him. That morning young Edwin got up extra early to gather his camping gear, so that he could come straight home from school and be ready for his trip.

For Edwin, that entire day seemed to slowly tick by. He sat for most of the day, just daydreaming about their grand adventure. McCormack imagined himself fighting off a wild Grizzly Bear with his beloved Grandfather. The boy snapped awake from his daydream with the loud ring of the school’s bell. Without hesitation, he jumped from his seat with a backpack in hand and headed for the bus.

Just as Edwin had expected, his Grandpa Henry was there waiting for the young boy to get off the bus.

“Hi Grandpa! You ready for our camping trip?” Edwin asked enthusiastically.

“You bet Eddy, but we need to get you home so we can get you packed,” Grandpa Henry replied.

“It’s already packed and ready to go! C’mon Grandpa,” Eddy said as he darted up the street toward his house.

The two arrived at Edwin’s house moments later. He ran into the house and straight to his room, bypassing his mother who was waiting for him at the door. Grandpa Henry slowly walked in, giving his daughter an amused smile, “The boy’s too fast for me.”

“You’re not the spring chicken you used to be,” she said with a slight chuckle.

Not too soon after, the boy and his grandfather left the house and headed for their grand adventure. The two talked about what awaited them at the Flaming Arrow Reservation. Grandpa Henry explained that his dad used to take him to the same place when he was Edwin’s age.

“You mean it’s that old?” Edwin asked with a sincere look of curiosity.

Grandpa Henry had to laugh at his grandson’s question, “Yeah it’s that old, way before the radio was even invented.”

“Really, I didn’t think it was that old,” Edwin said with an intense fix on his grandfather.

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