The Sapphire House – Part 2 Aboard The Bedouin By: Marileta Hunsford


The Sapphire House
Part Two - Aboard The Bedouin
By: Marileta Hunsford


She rolled her eyes, “The facilities, bathroom, toilet, john, whatever you want to call it.”

“I know what ‘facilities’ means,” Caleb snapped, his green eyes narrowing.

“Then what did you mean when you asked ‘what’?” she inquired.

Caleb put his hands on his hips and scowled at her. With an amused arch of her brows, Katherine thought, He looks like a little boy about to throw a tantrum.

“I meant that the Captain wants to see you now .”

“Well, he has certainly taken his time getting the ball rolling,” Katherine retorted, “I think he can wait a few minutes until I am more comfortable. Now, if you don’t mind, please show me the way to the facilities,” she emphasized the last word and raised her chin regally.

Caleb sucked on his lower lip, as though barring the way to his reply, and then motioned her forward again. She bent to scoop up her hat and hair pins then followed him through the dim hallway. He showed her to a water closet just off the dining area and Katherine entered, giving him a caustic glance.

“Hey, Caleb,” Babe hailed as he entered and began to rummage in the kitchen. He pulled out a tin of sardines and another of condensed soup. “What‘re doing hanging by the bathroom?” he asked with a curious frown.

“I’m waitin’ for the PIL to get done so I can take her to Otama,” Caleb answered petulantly.

Babe sat at the dining table and opened his two tins, not bothering to warm them in the cook unit. “Don’t sound too thrilled.”

“I’m not.”

“Why? She’s awfully pretty with them big baby blues and clear skin,” Babe chortled. “I’ll take her to see the captain, if you’d rather not,” he offered, wiggling his eyebrows.

“So, what’s the word with Tandy?” Caleb asked pointedly.

Babe let out a whoosh of breath and ran a big hand through his hair. “Not good, I’m afraid. Still won’t talk to me except when she’s screaming.” He gave Caleb a rueful smile and said, “I tell ya, women are just plain crazy, my man. They don’t make no sense.”

“Thirty-two years old and you’re just figuring that out?” Caleb asked with a shake of his head while Babe laughed.

Katherine emerged, her hair again pulled back into a neat bun and hidden beneath her P.I.L. hat. She started when she saw Babe sitting at the table, but he jumped up and grabbed her hand. “Hi, we didn’t get to really meet before. My name’s Babe Holt. I’m the arms master on board The Bedouin .”

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