Green Monster By: Michael Phelps


Green Monster
By: Michael Phelps

Why am I jealous?
What makes me so mean?
What dwells inside me?
That monster of Green.

I donít want to hear,
My girl talking to men,
It makes me so mad,
I hide in my den.

She says itís her fault,
But no way, itís not.
Itís the green monster,
Heís filling his lot.

Itís not her words,
Her actions you see.
Itís the green monster,
That dwells inside me.

I hate that she cries,
At night before sleep.
I wish in her bed,
I could always creep.

To hold her and love her,
Forever and ever.
My dreams would come true,
But when? Will they never?

I love you so much,
I miss you so, Dear,
Wish I could kiss you
Without any fear.

But just when I think,
That all is quite well,
That green monster,
Drags me through hell.

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