Black Rising By: Kevin Adams & Steve Bolin


Black Rising
Chapter 1 – Part 1
By: Kevin Adams & Steve Bolin

AC (After Creation) 1970 – 7th month, 15th day

“Prince Forsythia, I have an unpleasant message to deliver.”

Prince Yadin Forsythia stood on the castle balcony overlooking a section of the kingdom of Avendis. His hands grasped the brass guardrail of the stone balcony as he enjoyed the panoramic view. Mornings like this made him feel glad to be alive.

The gentle breeze kissed his skin with scents of the perennial garden below. The cloudless sky smiled loving rays of warmth on the majestic city of Avendis, the Creator’s light blessing all within. The paper thin rings surrounding the world of Namorganda sparkled like jewels in a crown.

Poetically beautiful mornings were rare, meant to be cherished. One must embrace the contentment of moments when the aroma of both flowers and dew-soaked grass filled the air. One must listen to the enchanting sounds of birds singing and children laughing as they playfully follow along after parents on unhurried errands of daily life. These sacred moments are a blessing from the Divine One’s smile, to be treasured while they exist – for their occurrences were sparse.

Yadin turned from his peaceful meditations and saw the messenger standing apprehensively. The courier was a blonde-haired boy of only twelve. Routinely, messengers ran from one end of the kingdom to the other delivering hand-written, royal letters. On other occasions, those of a personal or discreet nature, the communications were memorized and delivered orally. Yadin assumed the message to be verbal since the boy held no scroll or parchment in his nervously writhing hands.

He didn’t often enjoy peaceful mornings such as this in solitude; he was reluctant to give it up. “Is it possible for this message to wait?”

The boy looked both sad and afraid standing there in his light blue messenger uniform. “Prince Forsythia, I… I believe this is news you’ll want to hear right now. I asked for someone else to take my place but I drew the short straw.”

Yadin frowned and focused his complete attention on the boy. Thoughts of peace and serenity would have to wait until another day. Judging from the lad’s expression, the news must be dire indeed. He braced himself for the worst, but optimistically hoped the news nothing more than some citizens disgruntled over fruit market pricing.

“Alright then, what’s so important that it can’t even wait until I’ve had breakfast?”

The young messenger bowed his head, afraid to make eye contact with Yadin. “Prince Forsythia, I… I regret to inform you that… the King, he…”

Yadin’s interest magnified threefold. “My father? What about him? What is it?”

“Sir, your father… that is, the King I mean… well, Sir… he’s dead.”

Yadin stiffened in shock. No, this couldn’t be true. His father was the greatest man he knew. He was responsible for the commissioning and building of this very castle. He was responsible for the prosperity and wealth of all Avendis citizens. A man such as his father seemed immortal. But now…

“Messenger, are you certain of this? Who sent you with this news?”

“Sir, Sergeant Brodin sent me. He made me memorize every detail. He said I was to make all possible haste in delivering it to you.”

Sergeant Trebor Brodin may be the youngest man ever to hold such a position, but his word could be trusted implicitly. Brodin was a man of honor and loyalty. No lie ever passed his lips. Yadin felt his heart sink.

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