The Portal Part Two By: Kevin Miller


The Portal
Part Two
By: Kevin Miller

“Do not drink of that water, human,” a woman’s voice spoke behind me.

My sword leaped into my hand as I spun to confront the speaker. She was apparently one of the assassins that had camped in the ravine, but there was something different about this one. Her voice was at once both soft and melodious, yet sharp as a knife, and carried an accent that I did not recognize. She spoke again.

“Do not drink of that water. It is poisonous. It will kill you.”

My eyes narrowed as I regarded her. She was somewhat tall, though not quite as tall as me, and she was lean and athletic. She had long, raven-black hair that reached nearly to her waist, and her steely-grey eyes had a penetrating quality. Her face was not as deathly-looking as the rest of her kind that I had seen. She wore dark trousers that matched the color of the dark desert sand, and a matching jacket. Her sword was sheathed at her hip, and a small bandolier was slung over her shoulder.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“I am with the Blood of Truth,” she replied. “You have nothing to fear from me, human.”

“Really,” I replied, not believing.

“You are right not to trust me,” she said. “It shows that you are not a fool. I will contact Alabaster.” Almost casually, she reached into the bandolier and drew out a small red crystal. She passed her hand over the crystal, touching several places on it. A wedge of light emerged from the crystal and wavered for a moment, shifting colors uncertainly. After a moment, a woman materialized in the light band. As soon as I saw her long blonde hair and her white gown, I knew who she was.

“Is everything all right, Rebeka?” the image asked.

“The human you sent is no fool, Alabaster,” Rebeka said.

Alabaster’s eyes found me. “You are alive! Praise be to the King!”

“Maybe you can explain a little more to me this time?” I replied hopefully.

Rebeka looked at me sharply. “He does not know?”

“The original agent was killed,” Alabaster explained. “This human happened upon the portal chamber and somehow defeated Gornaan. I had little choice in the matter.”

“You are foolish to rely on a stranger,” Rebeka replied angrily. “But what is done is done. I will inform him of what he must do.” Without a goodbye, she gave the crystal a curious twist in the air and the image disappeared.

“You must destroy Gornaan’s orb, human,” she began. “What Alabaster calls the black orb.”

“I sort of gathered that part. I assume it’s in that big skyscraper over there?”

“It is the tower of Gornaan. He is one of the leaders of the Antimisian Legion. I am impressed that you were able to defeat him, considering that he is one of the most fearsome warriors in the history of our race – and a giant as well.”

“Yeah, well, it didn’t help him to underestimate me,” I replied. “I’m no master, but I’ve been trained.”

“Training is nothing. Experience and the blood of battle is what counts. I am charged with aiding you in this, human. I have water to give you. Let us go.” With that, she turned, and I hastily followed her as she stepped from the draw into the desert and struck out for the tower.

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