..Here it is issue 33 of the World of Myth! Just when you think we have given you everything, we break out more..So come and see what's the...World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome to the new look of The World of Myth!

    After years of presenting a great web-site, Dark Myth Productions has decided to take this magazine to the next level. This new and improved, easier-to-read format is the brain-child of our talented owner/publisher, David K. Montoya. Artist that he is, David designed the refreshingly unique logo as well.

    With all the webmaster work he does, I'm still trying to figure out where he found time to write Ayot Nom, his soon-to-be-released book, but we'll talk more about that later. For now, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this issue.

    First off, let's all congratulate Elise Skidmore as our Member of the Month winner for October. She will receive a prize to recognize this accomplishment. Keep up the good work, Elise.

    The Horror Department introduces Kelly James, our new Book Review columnist, who takes a glimpse at the end of the world in Dead Glow. Samuel Hayne offers his unique perspective on this same topic in the two part story, Let None Pursue. And if that isn't enough for you, R.M. Carroll reveals that not all madmen are crazy with Mine.

    Action/Adventure sees the another chapter of The End by David K. Montoya, our Featured Story for this month. Rumor has it that he may someday take the series to publication via a trade paperback book. Let's hope so.

    In the Fantasy section, John Miller dreams about Shamans in Know It while T.G. Browning continues exciting his readers with Need to Know: parts 3 & 4.

    In the Humor section, I detail the Good Rules for writing and submitting that every author and poet must know.

    Our Poetry section sees the return of Slepter Zephyr & Michael Sauve. Marileta Hunsford also makes her debut here, seeing publication for the first time.

    The Art Department displays the artistic talents of Dan Moran, Michael Sauve, and Special guest Dark Myth Comics Editor in Chief, Mario E. Martinez!


    For the Interviews column, the dark, probing mind of the Myth Master interrogates MoM winner Trevor Sanders – sorry Trevor.

    In the Featured Writer column, T.G. Browning takes an insightful look at the fantastic, literary worlds of Terry Pratchett.

    Kelly James writes his first Book Reviews column, giving his opinion on two horror novels, Brian Keene's Dead Sea and Edward Lee's House Eternal.

    Pixilated Polly once again borrows Reaper Rick's Way-Back Machine and shares her experiences with three different films in the Movie Reviews column.

    In other news, readers will notice a significant change in the Voting Polls which accompany each submission presented. The format is designed to be less ambiguous and follows the standard grade scale, which years of education have familiarized us all with. Be sure to vote for each story or poem you read or artwork you view. Even if you don't like a piece, vote anyhow; most authors and artists appreciate a frank evaluation.

    There are lots of thrilling products on the horizon. Among them is The World of Myth's highly anticipated anthology, which has run into a publication delay. Be patient and you will be well rewarded. Both the anthology and the new TWoM calendars should be available around Christmas and may be purchased from our Myth Mart. Also, David K. Montoya's Ayot Nom, the story of the samurai turned assassin, can be preordered there as well. Be sure to take a look at all the merchandise available.

    By the way, don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't done so already. As always, it's completely free and it guarantees that you will be notified when each exciting issue of The World of Myth is published.

    Well, that's about enough of my ramblings. Everyone here at TWoM staff joins me in wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May joy and peace settle on you and yours this holiday season.

    As always, enjoy!

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief

    * * *

    Editor's Favorite Forum Comment:



    Oct 6, 07 - 3:10 PM

    Isn�t Halloween Great?  
    What a great picture! I loved the fact that it was done in a panoramic view! I hope that it wins this month�s MOM! And who doesn�t love Halloween? 
    Happy Trick or Treat Day! 
    Jessica Rinaldo

    Oct 7th, 2007 - 8:01 AM

    Re: Isn�t Halloween Great?  
    Thank you! Monsters especially love Halloween because it's the only day of the year they can go outside and blend in with everyone else... well sort of.

    Publication Notices:

    Kevin Adams and Steve Bolin's fantasy novel, "Black Rising," may be purchased at:

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John), "Blood Atonement," may be purchased at:

    Creep Creepersin�s new �sick and twisted� book, Blood Lust Romance, is now available, as is L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders," Terry Sheerer�s Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night and Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams." All these and more may be located in the Myth Mart. Show your support for our web site and our authors by purchasing their products.

    * *  *

    If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly, helpful staff members.

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    Kelly James:  �Book Review� columnist �

    Larry Walton:  Circulation Manager �

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    I traveled through the farm as quickly as I could. It was still dark out by the time I had reached the house and made it back inside. Everything was as I had left it. Vince remained passed out, with his shotgun and wine jug, downstairs. On the second story I heard random giggles and moans. It appeared to... Click Here for David K. Montoya's The End:Story Two In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion

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