The End: Story Two - In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion
By: David K. Montoya

While we continued to explore the remains, Fran told us stories of her and her father, and how they would spend countless hours researching all types of leads that one day could lead them to a cure. They studied the pregnant Unluckys and their fetuses. I boldly asked her exactly where specimens came from.

She asked if we were ready for what she was about to say. Fran explained that the Unluckys were friends or family members and they discovered that the only time a demon would become fertile enough to conceive was two days after the specimen became an Unlucky. Her brother, Peter Junior, would meet them at the pond, he would drug them with LDM so that he could do his thing.

Many of the creatures gave birth to normal, healthy children, but the offspring infected, as well as ones who weren’t, died in only a week. For years they studied the babies to determine why some were born normal and others weren’t. The two of them had done so much work together that over time; Fran began to understand the more advanced part of the research that Dr. Vaughan was doing. Although Francine did not have any formal medical training, her father had educated her to everything he knew.

A short time later we reached the back of the complex, near where the pregnant Unluckys had been chained. As I walked over to examine the site, I found a dead monster that was still shackled, its stomach had been ripped open and everything had been removed, most likely eaten by other demons.

Francine and Michael disappeared behind a divider while I stuck around out front to keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors. I spent the time examining the body a little further. There were no other wounds except for the stomach. I wondered why was this one was attacked but not any of the other beasts.

I spotted a set of bloody footprints next to the body. I followed them until I found their origin as which time, my stomach twisted into a tight knot. What faced me was the Plexiglas chamber that held all of the male Unluckys. There was a large gaping hole in the glass where I had plunged my axe into earlier that morning.

An overwhelming feeling of guilt swept over me. My god, what had I done? Were all of these deaths because of me; was all of this my fault? I needed to get out of there and told Mike and Fran it was time to go. A few moments later they returned from behind the divider wall, both of them held large volumes of what I presumed to be the research on the cure for the sickness.

I took the texts from my son, as well as Fran, and rushed them back into the bus. I told the two that we needed to get a move on because the storm was getting worse, but the truth was I wanted to get out of there before I was killed by my guilt.

Once again we were all loaded inside the bus. I eased the gear-shift into drive and slowly moved away from the barn. When the vehicle got on the main dirt road I accelerated and crossed the width of the farm in mere minutes. As I approached the main gates I looked up at my rear view mirror at the others. They all sat there without speaking a single word. That's the way it would be until we were miles from Haven.

To be continued…

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