The End: Story Two - In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion
By: David K. Montoya

As soon as my fingers touched the blood they began to burn as if I had dipped them into a pool of acid. I pulled my hand away and wiped off the oil-like substance and found my fingers were burned. I quickly stepped back as the blood began to eat away the body. It took mere moments before nothing was left but his clothes.

Utterly baffled, I turned away from where the body had been and went over to Rose and helped her back to her feet. I checked the back of her head; fortunately none of the lacerations were serious. Thankfully, her thick hair had acted as a barrier between the Unlucky's claws and her skull.

We rejoined the others and had only gone a few feet before another Unlucky darted from out of the kitchen. Right away, I recognized it as one of the pregnant Unlucky's that was back in the barn house earlier. The monster was nothing like I had ever seen. Its swollen belly was huge! The beast appeared to be carrying a whole pack of baby demons.

Before I could react, the Unlucky jumped and knocked me to the ground, causing me to lose my axe. I was completely off guard from the surprise attack. By the time I was fully aware of what had just happened, the enraged Unlucky had sliced up my face with its claw-like nails. I fought with the monster while I tried to get back to my feet, but the beast was too heavy for me to push away.

While I was wrestling with the demon, the pain from the attack on my face struck me like an electric shock. Each cut stung as if someone had poured salt into the wounds. My eyes began to water from the agonizing pain and things started to become blurry.

I tried to push harder but the pregnant beast would not move. Then I began to lose my strength as my frustration built. The demon came down at me and tried to bite at me. I grabbed it under the jaw with one hand and by the hair of its head with the other, just stopping it inches from my face.

The smell of her rotten breath turned my stomach as it tried to snap at me. Then, with no warning, the Unlucky's head exploded. Instantly I got to my feet and wiped away the blood as it began to burn my skin. When I turned to look at what had happened, I saw Michael was holding a shotgun. Before I could ask where he got the weapon, he pointed at a gun cabinet.

I saw that there were three more rifles remaining. I told the others to grab a weapon along with as many shells they could carry. Michael walked over and tried to hand me the shotgun, but I refused. I explained that I had my fire axe and there was no need to give me his weapon.

After everyone was armed and had plenty of ammo we moved on into the living room. There we found the remains of a half eaten Vince. The Unluckys must have gotten to him while he was still asleep. The poor guy was in the same place that he was in when I came in from earlier. The wine jug and shotgun were down on the ground. I walked by and picked up the gun. The barrel was cold; it hadn't been fired in a long time. He never even got a round off.

I sat the shotgun back down and leaned in, slowly working the bandolier off of the corpse. I had it half way off when the top half of the body toppled to the ground. At that point I saw there was no need to be gentle with the remains and pulled the bandolier off the top half of the carcass and put it on. I grabbed up the gun and rejoined the others who stood away from the body.

The next sets of bodies were those of Jeremy and Nancy. They were only a few feet from the front door, but obviously they did not make it out. Both of them were a pile of bloody, half eaten flesh. They were in better condition than Vince and must have been attacked by the Unlucky that killed Vince.

We continued on. At the front door we heard the sounds of a loud ruckus outside. I flung open the door and found PJ, his sister Francine, and their father, Dr. Vaughan, who now appeared to be a freshly turned Unlucky. He had his children pinned to a nearby tree. If either of them were to move, the good doctor would skin them alive.

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