The End: Story Two - In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland Part 4 - The Conclusion
By: David K. Montoya

Just as I had guessed, it was Arturo and Renee. One of them tried to explain why they were together in the room, but I cut them off and told them that none of us were fools, so there was no need for an explanation. A wave of anger came over me as I saw the two of them together. I tried to calm myself and walked away from them, but I realized that I had such a tight grip on the handle of the axe that it was slightly trembling.

When I turned away from them and toward the staircase, all of a sudden, Linnie, who was completely covered in blood, came at me screaming wildly. Instinctively my arm lunged forward and the blade of my axe met with his skull splitting it in half.

Linnieís lifeless body fell backward and tumbled down the stairs. Once I was certain he would not get up, I signaled the others to follow as I made my way down the staircase. As we advanced further down, Arturo questioned as to why I did what I had done. I didnít answer right away. Once we got to the first floor level we came upon the boyís corpse. I flipped him over with my foot then turned to Arturo.

I pointed to the scales on the boy and explained that, although none of us were able to immediately tell, Linnie had become a freshly turned Unlucky and if I had not killed him he would have slaughtered each of us without a second thought or any remorse.

We moved through the house and found it to be eerily quiet. Everyoneís nerves were on edge; none of us knew who was still alive or just exactly how many Unluckys were running around the place. My mind flashed back to earlier in the lab, then to the incident at the pond. Everything seemed so weird.

As we passed the kitchen, I was pulled away from my thoughts by the sound of my sonís voice as he screamed to get down!

When I turned to see what was going on, I saw an Unlucky tackle Rose! She was face down and the beast was on top of her as it swung wildly at the back of her head. I ran over to them and grabbed the demon by the throat. The Unlucky turned away from my sister and took a lethal swipe toward me. With my free hand I severed the beastís arm. Blood flowed from the stub and the creature began to strike at me with its other hand.

The Unlucky moaned and hissed as I clinched my hold tighter around its throat. The Unlucky took a wild swing and sliced open my arm with its nails. Without thought I hurled the demon into the nearby wall. The beastís head spewed blood as it struck the surface, leaving a dark tarry path as the body slid down the wall.

I slowly walked up to the Unlucky; it did not move a muscle and at first I was unsure if the monster was alive or dead. I grabbed it by the hair of the head and pulled the demonís head up to make sure the creature was in fact dead. Its eyes shot open and the demon began to hiss at me, but it did not make a move. I then realized that I must have broken the Unlucky's spine when I threw it into the wall. I let go of the hair and the head dropped to the ground, but the demon never stopped hissing or trying to take a bite out of me. As it laid there snapping at my foot I recognized the beastís face. It was the young boy, Daniel.

For a brief moment, I felt pity for the poor kid, but as he snapped at me once more my pity turned to anger and I realized that the man known as Daniel was dead. The only remains left were the mindless flesh eating demon that laid before me.

I pulled the fire axe out from under my belt, I held the handle tight within my hands then I swung the axe down with all my might, severing the beastís head from the rest of his body. Its demonic blood erupted from the open wound, but something was different.

The Unlucky's blood smelled horrible! The stench reminded me of raw sewage, but why? I had slayed many of these monsters and never had any one of them produced a smell like this. I knelt down next to the corpse and dipped two of my fingers into the puddle of blood that had collected around the severed head.

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