The End: Story Two - In the Heartland Part 3 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland Part 3
By: David K. Montoya

I jumped over the gate onto the other side. The overgrown crops made it difficult for me to walk in a straight line. I hoped that I was on the right path. Slowly I continued on until I came across a narrow dirt road. The tiny path appeared to split the field in two. I followed the dirt trail for maybe a quarter of a mile when I came to a fork in the road, but both ways came to a sudden end after only a few paces. I stood at the crossroads for a few moments and I tried to decide which way I should go. Eventually I chose to go to the right. As I stepped through the tall brush, I found yet another narrow dirt road. I went up a few feet before it became twisty and windy. Someone had spent a lot of time creating these paths—this garden was a weird place.

Finally, after what seemed to be a half mile or so, the dirt road straightened out. Then the path ended at a wall of oversized vegetation. Without hesitation I stepped through the brush expecting to find another dirt road, but to my surprise as I stepped out into the open I was greeted by the large barn.

The giant structure looked like any other barn I had ever seen, expect this one appeared to be extremely run down. I walked up to the large door and pushed it open. An intense green light erupted out from inside the barn. Hesitantly, I moved into the glow until I was completely enveloped. Once I was inside I quickly learned that the green glow was created by numerous neon lights which covered the walls of the barn. The complex was filled with embalming tables surrounded by other medical gadgetry. As I moved in closer I saw a variety of surgical tools. Further toward the back there appeared to be a laboratory section. Several old glass beakers, each with a different colored liquid inside, were visible along with microscopes that seemed to be randomly placed about the place.

I felt like I had entered an evil laboratory from a nightmare scene in a horror movie. While I stood there and examined my surroundings, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. As I moved closer I heard a sound of chains clanking. I knew I was not going to like what caused the noise. When I came around the corner I found the origin of the sound. There were several female Unluckys chained up in the far end of the barn. But what I really found odd was that the majority of them were pregnant. My stomach knotted when I suddenly realized the whole reasoning for the event that happened earlier with PJ and the Unlucky. So Dr. Vaughan and his daughter must have been looking for a cure. I hoped so anyway. I quietly moved closer to the group of Monsters. They all appeared to be sedated. They laid there without moving. I almost questioned if any of them were even alive, but I saw that they were all still breathing.

I moved passed them without disturbing the creatures, however I almost jumped out of my skin when I backed up to a transparent barrier and a pack of male Unluckys charged up to me as they growled and hissed; it was a good thing we were separated by what looked to be a Plexiglas wall.

I continued to move around the barn until I was over on the east end of the building. There was a body on a surgical table covered with a white sheet. I went over to it and pulled back the cover. What I found was a castrated male unlucky. There was some seriously weird research going on here, but I still was not sure why the building was off limits to everyone.

I covered the body again and made my way to the front of the barn. I closed everything back up the way it was before I arrived and made my way back to the farm house while I tried to make sense of everything that I had seen inside the barn.

To be continued…

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