The End: Story Two - In the Heartland Part 3 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland Part 3
By: David K. Montoya

As I came out of the plants onto the dirt crossroads I realized where I was. I was only a few yards from the family pond. I donít know which idea enticed me further up to the body of water; the hopes of finding Peter Junior or the fact that my bloodlust was very high. When I walked past the large tree that the Unlucky was chained to earlier that morning, I was caught off guard and knocked to the ground by the female Unlucky.

Although the beast tried to attack me, I could not help but reflect on what PJ had done to it that morning. I was brought back to reality when I was bitten on the side of my hand and thick amber blood poured from my wound. I balled my other hand into a fist and slugged it in the face. I got to my feet as fast as I could and remembered that I had my fire axe with me. When I turned back to the Unlucky she was on her hands and knees viciously throwing up what looked like blood, but it was amber colored and appeared less tarry. But that did not matter as I had already pulled out my axe. I ran up to her ready to attack. Before I struck, the Unlucky looked up at me. I could have sworn that her skin had started to transform from a mild grey to more of a peach hue. However I did not wait around to find out why. With my first swing I removed the front part of her neck and the creature instantly fell dead.

But the bloodlust was still strong and I continued to hack away at the body as if it were timber. Blood spewed everywhere with each blow from the axe. I didn't stop my attack until I was no longer able to hold the axe. I felt faint when I stepped back and took in the carnage that I caused. It was a horrific scene as fresh red blood covered everything, even myself. How was able to I do something like that?

As I stood there something flashed into my head. Unluckyís donít have bright red blood! What happened next would haunt me for the rest of my life. When I turned to look at the Unlucky, I was disturbed to see rather than a slaughtered beast, a beautiful young woman.

But, how? By this point I had killed many Unluckys, but never have any of them reverted back to being a normal man or woman after death. I took a closer look at her face to confirm that it was in fact the Unlucky that attacked me and saw that it was. But it was not an Unlucky I saw in her eyes. They were no longer yellow and orange and full of hate and hunger. Instead, crystal blue eyes filled with fear stared back at me. I turned away from the girl and became ill. I fell to my knees and wept. In the end, I asked myself who was really the savage. I grabbed up my axe and walked into the pond to clean the blood from myself as well as the weapon. Afterward, I pulled the body down into the water so she would have a watery grave. I walked away from the pond and back to the fork in the dirt road. I turned the wrong direction before; thatís how I had arrived at the pond instead of the second barn. I took the other path and immediately was consumed by tall stocks of corn.


Sometime later I had reached the end of the garden, but there was no barn. Everything had come to a stop at that point of the land. I decided to climb onto the gate and stood up to get a better view of things. The overgrown brush made things difficult to see. As I turned to my right I saw the other barn. From where I was it seemed like a short distance away.

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