Sick by 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren


By: 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren

Its ripping open my stomach; I feel the nausea.
You know how much I hate you--can't you just set me free.
Free to feel, touch or maybe even love?
Of course you can't; I did this to myself.
I'm always injuring myself in some way or another.
Damnit, you're so fucking stupid! You fucking coward!
I'm tired of being damaged goods.
What the hell is this, the discount food store?
I know I'm worth more than a glance and a few pennies.
I give up; the ugliness and smeared blood is just to much to handle.
I am just sick of being me!

About the Author

Rebecca C. Lofgren is an author of gothic and obscure writings. Best known for her "Book of Dreams", a complete collection of her most recent works of short stories, poetry, and artwork. Which focuses on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition. Her book is sold worldwide, making her one of the most widely read authors in at The World of Myth.
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