The End: Story Two - In the Heartland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
In the Heartland
By: David K. Montoya

I looked up and noticed that both the girls' eyes were fixed on me. They only stared, not saying a word--well, not at first. Finally, Rose asked if I planned to do something stupid with the weapon. I answered honestly; I told them it was a little insurance if anything were to happen.

Some time passed before the three men from the hunting group came up to us. They offered some fresh fruit andI was happy to accept it. I could not remember how long it had been since I actually ate something. The tall skinny one was first to introduce himself as Lennie. The second one to speak was the short and heavyset guy named Alvin. The last one said he was Daniel, just a nerdy kid, no more than twenty or so. They were farm hands there on the farm.

Linnie explained that there were others who lived here as well and we would no doubt meet them later as they were more than likely tending to the garden. Then there was Doctor Vaughan’s son, Peter Junior, who spent most of his day hiding out at the family pond.


Several hours had passed since they took my son into the house. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t wait any longer, Dr. Vaughan came out to give me the results. My stomach knotted at the sight of how much blood was on his scrubs. He walked up and sat down next to me and looked me dead in the eyes. He said that Michael was very lucky and everything went text book perfect. A feeling of relief overcame me and as much as I tried to hold back my tears, they flowed down my face. I told him that I was in debt to him for saving my boy’s life. The doctor chuckled, then said that he was only doing his job and if I wanted to go see Mike he would show me his room. As we both got to our feet, the girls and the farm hands ran up. I told them that Michael was all right and they would have to follow me if they wanted to see him; that the good doctor was going to show me the way.

We all walked into the house. It was enormous! The doctor explained that the house was built in the early 1900’s and that most of the building was still original. We walked across the living room and went up a large staircase that led to the second story. Once upstairs we traveled down a wide, but fairly short hallway. When he came to the third room, the doctor stopped and turned to us stressing the importance of my son resting, so to be very quiet. As I entered I saw Michael on a bed and I thought he was unconscious, but his eyes opened when I walked up next to him. He gave me a tired smile then closed his eyes again. I told my boy that everything was all right and to rest, I was going to be right here if he needed me.


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