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  • Welcome To The World of Myth

    Be Well Come everyone to "The World of Myth" and our 30th issue! This is a milestone of sorts for us and another will be passed next issue when we start our FOURTH Year of publication! We have grown somewhat from our meager beginnings as a dot tk site and aside from our annual "The World of Myth" calenders now published every year, Mr. Montoya is looking into the possibility of publishing a book of collected short stories from our pages during the past three years. This anthology would showcase nearly a dozen of our past contributors and some fifteen of their short stories. More about this project later.

    We also have a number of new contributors for this issue, which brings me to comment about submissions. Some recent story submissions have come to us as e-mail attachments, rather than in the body of the e-mail or even a Microsoft Word attachment. While we accepted the submissions for this issue, we will NO LONGER accept e-mail attachments. They can not be edited until after they are posted on the web site and they are extremely difficult to add html coding to. It therefore takes not only myself but our web master much longer to prepare anything sent to us via an e-mail attachment. No More of those, Please! They will Not be accepted and Will be returned to you.

    All right--on to other things. There is a new offering in the Myth Mart this issue. We are pleased to announce the publication of L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders" and a hardback edition of this novel is now available for purchase in the Myth Mart. L.M. Mercer also returns this issue with a short story in the Fantasy section and she shares space with new contributor, Trevor Sanders, along with Part 14 of 'Queen of the Westerlands.'

    In the Horror section Sarah Wilson returns with a sequel to an earlier story she submitted to "The World of Myth." In fact, we have reprinted that first story, "Long in the Tooth," so our new readers can enjoy both of them together. We wish to congratulate Sarah Wilson for being voted Member of the Month last issue, as well. Nice going, Sarah. Also in the Horror section Steve Bolin returns with a 'screaming' short story and new contributor Carol Shenoel offers up a short look at Love gone wrong.

    David K. Montoya has two episodes of "The End" in the Action and Adventure section and also penned a short humor piece for this issue. In the Poetry section, new contributor Mallory Stroop joins Kevin Adams, Ellen Millman, Rebecca C. Lofgren and Jeff R. Young with new poems.

    In the Art Gallery new contributor Dan Moran offers a couple of his drawings, along with new art from Jessica Rinaldo and Michael A. Sauve. Rick and Grim stop by to give some movie reviews and speaking of our movie duo, they are both featured in this issue's Interview. If you can stand to listen to those guys twice, stop by the interview booth and see what makes them tick.

    In our Book Review section this issue someone has finally reviewed my book, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night." And it wasn't me. Honest. So to celebrate L.M. Mercer's book release and my book review, if anyone buys a copy of "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night" AND a copy of "The Greenhouse Murders" or Rebecca Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" from the Myth Mart, you get Free postage and handling on both books. Plus, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night" will be signed by myself, for free, and you will also receive a book cover fridge magnet free. All with Free postage and handling. What could be sweeter? (Hey, it's almost Father's Day!)

    We have a fairly big issue this time, so get out there and do some reading.

    Publication Notices:

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John) "Blood Atonement" is available at

    Steve Bolin and Kevin Adams fantasy novel, "Black Rising" is available at

    L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders" is available in the Myth Mart.

    Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" is available in the Myth Mart.

    Terry D. Scheerer's book of collected short stories and poems, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night" is available in the Myth Mart.

    Please help us celebrate our 30th big issue and as always, we hope that you...


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    He whips his head from side to side, widening his eyes as he tries to catch a glimpse of light. Panic dances across his nerves. Darkness, nothing but... Click Here for Sarah Wilson's Long in the Tooth�Revisited
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