The End: Story Two - Exiting Corpseland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Exiting Corpseland
By: David K. Montoya

I decided that I would hand out the weapons once we got to Idaho, since I knew it wasnít too far from where we now were. I put the weapons aside and started bagging up the canned goods so we could keep them together. But before I got finished there was a loud bang followed by the sound of glass shattering. We started swerving across the road and then I heard Rose scream that Mike had been shot! I yelled for Rose to grab the wheel and for Renee to get Michael out of the driverís seat.

Rose got control of the bus by the time I reached the front. I quickly scanned the area to possibly locate whoever was shooting at us, but could see nothing within the trees. They had my son laid out in the aisle. I tore back his shirt to get a better view of the wound; it was definitely a gun shot wound. It hit him on the left side of his chest, but I couldnít figure out why he wasn't bleeding very badly, which was a good thing. Still, I did not know why anyone would shoot at us. Had the Unluckys learned how to fire long-range rifles? Were there Hybrids out there, more people like Baxter?

It did not matter, someone or something tried to kill us! I screamed out to Rose to keep low in case they might try to take a shot at her and to get us as far away as possible. I knew that we did not have the ammunition to have a firefight with whoever was out there, so our only hope was to run. But before we could make our getaway another shot rang out and a bullet hit one of the back tires. Rose almost lost control of the bus.

I had to think; I didnít know what to do! I knew that Rose was not a strong enough driver to handle something the size of our bus, especially with a blown tire. I told her to stop; that I would drive the bus and she could help Renee with Michael.

Then I turned my attention back to my son. I needed supplies so I ran back to the rear of the bus and grabbed our first aid kit as well as a few towels. When I got back to my son he was mumbling something about dying. I told him that he was NOT going to die on me. Rose felt we were safe enough and parked the bus. She quickly got up and ran over to help us with Michael; he was pale and didnít seem to have heard what I was telling him. Mike started to black out--he was in shock. He let out a cough and bright red blood spewed out from his bullet wound. I grabbed a towel and placed it over the hole and told Renee to apply pressure to it while Rose kept him awake Ė I did not want him slipping into a coma.

I told the two girls to keep a close eye on him and that I was going to get us back on the road to find some sort of help--anything! Before I could get in the driverís seat a group of men armed with high-powered rifles burst into the bus. The first man was yelling orders, telling his gang to take all of our supplies. When the men climbed up into the aisle where there was only room to stand single file, I lunged at them. I was quickly overtaken by the urge to kill the first guy I got my hands on. I pulled a knife free from the belt of the one closest to me and drove it into the manís throat. Blood streamed from around the blade and from his mouth as he fell and blocked the door.

I went after the next guy who couldnít have been more than twenty. Regardless, they hurt my son and all of them would have to die! He took a swing at me, but as he connected with my jaw, I grabbed his other arm, forced him to turn so his back was facing me and pushed him down onto a large sharp shard of glass sticking up from the shattered windshield.

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