The End: Story Two - Enter the Cave Part #2 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Enter the Cave Part #2
By: David K. Montoya


I never really went back to sleep, and if I did it was in short intervals. Sometime later I decided to get up. It was dark and quiet; the only sound was the rain coming down outside. It appeared to be early morning. I looked around at the others to see that they were still asleep. I felt bad about fighting with my son, but felt he was still too young to fully understand my actions. As I looked over at him he appeared cold, so I went over and covered him with my sleeping bag and extra blankets.

As I turned away, I noticed that Renee was not in her sleeping bag. I scanned the area and realized that the front door was slightly open. I grabbed my shotgun and quickly stepped outside. I found Renee sitting on a wooden bench, wrapped in a blanket, watching the rain come down. I quietly sat down next to her. We watched the large drops fall from the sky for some time before she turned to me and asked me if I really had to kill Richard. I explained that he had attacked me, and I did what I had to do or I would have been the one who needed a grave. It wasn’t like I went in there, tracked him down and shot him for no reason. He had become too dangerous. If I had not killed him we would all be in constant danger.

Renee then asked if they were to do the same when they all felt that I have become too dangerous. I told her that I expected nothing less from them and that I was not afraid to die. I used to be, but with all that had happened recently I was ready to meet my maker.

The two of us sat there in silence for some time again, until I told Renee that I hoped that we would make it to Haven before I got too dangerous, although I knew something was happening within me.

She turned toward me with a troubled smile and told me that she had noticed. Renee didn’t say anything else while we sat out there, though I thought I heard her whispering a prayer for me to make it to Haven.

To be continued…

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