The End: Story Two - Enter the Cave Part #2 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Enter the Cave Part #2
By: David K. Montoya

I saw the demon whom I believed to be my brother Richard run into the cave. I quickly grabbed my shotgun and a self-powered flash light. I rushed out into the pouring rain and crossed the small yard that divided the entrance to the cave and the center. I wondered why Richard got sick again. Was the professor’s cure only good for a short period of time? I knew there was no time for these questions as I loaded the last few shells into my weapon before reaching the cave entrance.

I slowly opened an old wooden door at the cave entrance and stepped inside. I was welcomed by an uncomfortable chill—it had to have been forty degrees in there. As the door closed behind me I found myself standing in darkness. I shook my flashlight a few times before the light came on so I could advance further into the cave.

As I moved my light around I was astonished by the beauty of nature all around me. I turned my light upward and saw thousands of long stalactites hanging overhead. Before I could finish examining the rock formations my flashlight went out. I knew that it needed to be shaken for a longer period of time for it to last equally that long.

Still surrounded in darkness I continued to slowly walk deeper into the cave, sliding my fingers against the slimy stone walls as I shook my flash light. I slowed my pace even more when I noticed that the concrete slab which started at the entrance and led through the cave was no longer under me. I began to shake the device even faster as I took almost baby steps through the pitch black cavern. Finally I turned on the flashlight and found myself only a few yards away from an enormous coliseum. The closer I got to it the more uneasy I became. I knew Rich was close by—I could feel it—but where? Where was he hiding?

Seeing a crevice in the rocks, I squeezed through the small space. As I came through to the other side I found some type of post with a black knob mounted in front of another column. When I turned the knob small lights lit up all around me and the entire cave was completely visible. I moved away from the post, and walked over to my left. Before I could pass the first large boulder Richard came from out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground. He was hissing and growling, while the yellow of his eyes appeared to glow.

I wedged my leg between us and flipped him over me. He slammed up against a stone wall covered in thousands of small sharp rocks that reminded me of popcorn made of stone. As he slid down several narrow streaks of blood marked his path along the stone. Richard laid there for some time writhing in pain. It was weird—even though he sounded like an Unlucky and even looked like one, for some reason he did not have the strength of an Unlucky.

By the time Richard got to his feet I was already up and waiting. Before he could regain his bearings I rushed him, slamming him into another wall covered with small sharp stones. A more human like scream came from my brother as the rocks plunged into his body. Then he did something that threw me completely off guard; Rich looked at me and told me to please kill him this time!

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About the Author

David K. Montoya is a writer, director and business entrepreneur. He is best known for his comic writing and penned over 200 stories while working in that genre. After leaving comics behind in 2004 to work on other mediums of writing, Mr. Montoya has come to be most recognized for his ‘The End’ series, a number of short horror stories that feature an apocalyptic age ruled by a great plague and zombie-like creatures.

He has also written stories outside the horror genre, including the upcoming novella, ‘Inner Circle,’ and a random number of fantasy and humorous short stories for "The World of Myth."

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