Who Cares Anyway by Caesar F. Castro


Who Cares Anyway
Caesar F. Castro

Why have you forsaken me,
To leave me hanging dead in that tree?
I followed you as one of your sheep
And gave to you my soul to keep.

Once you gave me a full and happy life,
Then you took it all away with a swipe of your knife.
Now I am here, to survive on my own,
Wasting away to nothing more than skin and bone.

I want my life back I say,
Not to wait another damn day!
Without it I am but a shell of my former self--
I dream to be me again, even without my former wealth.

And I know you who sits up above with a smile on your face--
If you were to grant me what I desire, I would return your grace.
But, you will not grant me this, because I seem fallen to you.
Yet, you know I would--you know my words to be true!

Again, I know this isn't so, as cried!
You leave me no other choice, but to commit your sanctum suicide.

About the Author

Senor Castro was forced by his parents to leave his homeland of Cuba and move to the United States and he has never been right, since...Click here for full bio

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