The Hunters by Rebecca 'Gurl of Myth' Lofgren


The Hunters
By: Rebecca 'Gurl of Myth' Lofgren

They are cold and lonely, so full of sorrow,
Even though they know they will see tomorrow.
They are dark and evil, not caring of love--
They would rip out your heart, to send you above.
They lurk in the shadows when you walk at night,
You had better watch out, for they do indeed bite.
They are the hunters and you are their prey--
If they ever find you, just lie down and stay.
For if you start to struggle and try to run,
It doesn't make them mad, it makes it more fun.
So, when you're walking alone on the darkest night,
Think of them, for they are a horrifying sight.
They are always watching for you, from a far off place--
You'll know they're near, when your heart begins to race.
So, from now on, never think that you are alone--
There are a lot of things that are real, but still unknown.

About the Author

Rebecca 'Gurl of Myth' Lofgren unveils yet another talent, as she brings forth her brand of mystical and surreal poems.
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