Darkness Falls By: Terry D. Scheerer


Darkness Falls
By: Terry D. Scheerer

Darkness is falling and I'm too tired to fight,
I can hear them calling--spirits lost in the night.
These creatures of the dark feed off of my mind,
I should have been safe, but they seek their own kind.

They hunt me amid the chaos of my dreams,
My sleep is now haunted by nightmares and screams.
A riderless horse crawls by on its knees,
I 'have' asked for help, but they do as they please.

I can't fight this battle alone any more,
I'm not even sure what I am living for.
The war is now lost, I'm a causality of life,
I can't continue amid all this stress and strife.

I am constantly beset by my anger and fears,
My only companions are these frequent tears.
If he were still with me, where would I be?
I'm trapped here and he's gone, but now at least free.

I've tried to be strong, but it's too much to bear,
And who ever said, "Life has to be fair?"
I have done what I can, but now I know,
I'm all by myself, so it's time to go.

The damage is done, there's too much to mend,
So, it's finally time to just say...

The End

About the Author

Terry D. Scheerer feels that his poetry reflects aspects of his life, much of which has been dark, dreary, full of pain, death, disappointment and disillusionment. But, then, whose life hasn't been?
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