Cliffhangers, Inc. By: L. Craig Woods


Cliffhangers, Inc. Chapter Two
By: L. Craig Woods

This isn't going well, Hal thought, just as Todd appeared in the doorway at the other end of the kitchen.

"Hal," he whispered, as Charlie hit the door again and the crack widened, considerably. "Get him into the other room."

"What?" Hal shot back as the door now shook because Charlie began pounding on it with his fists. "You want me to ask him nicely or should I make it in the form of a threat?"

"Just get him in there," Todd said in a horse whisper. At that moment, a thick and gnarled fist burst through the door in the center of the previously noted crack, spraying splinters all over Hal.

"Holy Christ!" Hal squeaked in alarm as the hand began reaching blindly around for some fleshy object to grab on to. "You get him in there, damn it!" Hal shouted. "I'm sort of busy at the moment!"

"Crap," Todd said and then disappeared from sight. Since Hal was on the floor, bracing himself against the door and fridge, Charlie's groping hand couldn't find him, so he attempted to pull his arm back through the crack, so he could try hammering on it again. His meaty hand got stuck in the narrow opening for a moment and then Hal heard Todd begin yelling from the living room, to attract Charlie's attention.

"Hot damn," Hal muttered.

With an audible 'grunt', Charlie yanked his arm free of the damaged door and Hal heard him lumbering down the short hall, apparently knocking things off the walls and violently redecorating the apartment as he went.

Hal moaned as he removed his cramping legs from holding the door shut and pulled himself painfully to his feet. Charlie was still working on his decorating degree, while also trying to lay his hands on Todd as Hal managed to tug the permanently warped door open and staggered into the entryway. The path of destruction was easy to follow as Hal made his way to the living room and peeked around the corner, where the sounds of conflict were concentrated.

Charlie had retrieved his axe and Todd was backed up against a wall as the Chinaman advanced on him, playfully waving the deadly weapon back and forth. Todd was attempting to protect himself by holding a metal folding chair between himself and Charlie. The two front legs of the chair were already bent and damaged from being struck by the axe and Charlie was now biding his time, waiting for an opening so he could plant the blade intosomething a bit softer than a chair leg.

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