Cliffhangers, Inc. By: L. Craig Woods


Cliffhangers, Inc. Chapter Two
By: L. Craig Woods

(Editor's note: If you have not yet read Chapter One of "Cliffhangers, Inc.", go to the 'Action and Adventure' archive and click on 'Chapter One', before you read this episode. Thank you, TDS)

"Oh, crap," Hal muttered, beginning to back away from the door. He started to turn to warn Todd, but a short-handled axe appeared in Charlie's hand and quick as a snake, Charlie let the axe fly, directly at Hal's head.

As he started to turn and warn Todd, Hal's heel caught up in a fold of the entryway throw rug and his feet became entangled, causing him to fall to his left. That was the only thing that saved him, as he watched the axe wiz by his head when he went down. Fortunately for Hal, as he fell, his shoulder hit the kitchen door, which swung open when his weight landed against it, dumping him onto the kitchen floor.

The axe, which no longer had Hal's head to use as a target, continued spinning down the entryway and into the living room, where it crashed onto and slid across the coffee table, scattering the TV remote, an ashtray and a litter of food packages, all over the floor. As Hal rolled into a sitting position with his back braced against the fridge, he kicked out at the kitchen door, slamming it shut in Charlie's face and put both of his feet against it. From the area of the computer desk, he heard Todd respond to the axe hitting the coffee table.

"Hey! What the hell?" Todd shouted.

"Look out, Todd," Hal screamed. "It's Charlie Tong!"

Charlie took this opportunity to throw his not insignificant weight against the kitchen door. Hal still had both of his feet planted on the door and with his back braced up against the refrigerator, he was able to keep the Chinaman from coming through, at least momentarily. Charlie hitthe door again, the impact sending shooting pains through both of Hal's legs and a three-foot long crack appeared in the center of the door.

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About the Author

Mr. Woods began writing rather late in life, but was always fascinated by the 'Cliffhanger Serials' that used to be shown before the main feature at movie theaters in the '30s and '40s... Click here for full bio
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