His War by Kevin Magnus


His War
By: Kevin Magnus

We are the people that you hate,
So you place us on the front line as bait.
You gave me freedom and then made me kill,
Just so you could occupy a piece of land to drill.
I trusted you with my very life,
You promised to protect my son and wife.
Now I face the bomb that fell from the sky,
Allowing tens of thousands of men to die.
Eventually every one will be dead,
So you order ten thousand more is what papers said.
And as my rotting body lies in the hot desert sun,
You announce that your war is far from done!
But this was a well plotted plan, it's nothing new;
It's in the name of old glory--the red, white, and blue.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a senior contributor to the site. He was one of the first poets to contribute in the first issue of “The World of Myth”. Now into what he feels his PRIME Magnus attempts to produce the best possible pieces for this magazine!
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