The End: Story Two - Enter the Cave Part #1 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Enter the Cave Part #1
By: David K. Montoya

After my shower, I felt like a new man! When I walked out to rejoin the others, I chuckled to myself when I found them asleep. I checked Richard one last time, as well as the area, before I slipped into my sleeping bag to call it a night.

Several hours must have passed when I was suddenly awakened by a loud scream which was followed by hissing and groaning! I jumped up from my pallet and saw that an Unlucky had Renee by the throat. I charged at the beast and tackled it down, which caused the demon to let go of Renee.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rose pull Renee to safety. Michael ran over as I was struggling with the Unlucky and he frantically asked what he could do. I told him that I had the beast under control and to go check on Richard and make sure that he hadn't been attacked in his sleep. I continued to struggle with the monster. We both tried to get to our feet first. Neither of us was successful. Something was odd about this Unlucky; it fought more like a normal man than a primal beast.

I turned my head when my son called out to me and the beast sucker punched me. As I dropped to the ground the Unlucky made a run for it, busting out through the back doors. When I got to my knees I saw the creature run into a cave entrance.

Michael helped me to my feet and I asked him if Richard was okay. He told me that my brother was missing. I quickly realized what had happened and told him that I knew exactly where Richard was--that he just ran into the cave.

To be continued…

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