December to Dismember By: Kevin Adams


December to Dismember
By: Kevin Adams

It was late and Trent could not sleep. All he could do was think about her. Krystal was her name; her beautiful visage danced playfully in his mind. He was a tortured man and lusted after her body like nothing he had ever wanted before. When Trent first started working with her she had befriended him and was the only one to offer any kind of immediate welcome. It was she that received him with a genuine smile and quick hug.

After that he would find himself spending hour after hour remembering the scent of her perfume and the brief feeling of her body against his. Today he was clipping photos of her that he had secretly taken, without her consent. Constantly watching her every move, Trent was always playing out several sick and twisted sexual fantasies in his perverse mind.

They worked together each day and usually passed each other several times during the course of the day. Almost all of his spare time was devoted to the study of her every curve and he knew the exact look of her lips when she was in a particular mood. Trent practically worshiped her--actually he did worship her and even had a home-built shrine to prove it.

For two weeks Trent worked diligently on developing a small friendly relationship with her, when one day it seemed to pay off. She flashed him her ‘come hither’ smile and her dark green eyes smoldered with an unusual hunger. Krystal wanted him--he just knew it.

She strolled ever so slowly over to Trent and her smooth black dress seemed to stroke her body in slow motion; just the way ‘He’ wanted to stroke her. Blood pumped through his eager veins as he awaited her sultry silk voice to caress his ears into submission. Trent was dripping with anticipation to serve her ‘every’ need.

“Hey, Trent, I need change for a twenty.” He found his hand reached instantly for his wallet and then rapidly removed two fives and a ten.

Her smile told him she was pleased. Maybe she would invite him to lunch. Her plump red lips parted again and Trent was unable to move as she spoke to him. “Would you mind going and getting me a cappuccino?”

Instantly he shouted inside his head, ‘Would I mind? I would go straight to Columbia to get it if you wanted!’ Yet he was already off to the local coffee shop to appease her request.

When Trent returned with her drink of choice, he found she was in the arms of his boss Kevin--what a huge jerk; moving in on ‘his’ territory. To the casual eye it looked like an innocent hug, but to Trent this event sent him into an internal fit of rage; no one would have Krystal except him. For the first time in the course of his employment Trent actually shifted his thoughts from sex to murder.

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About the Author

An Indiana native, Kevin Adams was the coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising," working along with Steve Bolin. Kevin has studied Isshinryu karate for four years, and provided insights on the martial arts aspect of "Black Rising." He is happily married, and when not working as an automotive service consultant, enjoys spoiling his daughter. The book which Kevin was coauthor of is available at:
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