The End: Story Two - End of the Line Part 2 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
End of the Line Part 2
By: David K. Montoya

Slowly, we went down stairs, being cautious as the steps looked weak and water damaged. Moments later we reached the lobby. I took a moment to rest and pull myself together before we made a run for the bus. I looked out one of the windows and saw that the rain was now pouring, saturating everything outside, including the hundreds of Unluckys that now had the entire school surrounded. It was going to take an effort to get out of this building and into the waiting bus.

After I stopped the bleeding from my neck, we checked each gun and how much ammo we had left. I was troubled to learn that most of our weapons only had a couple of rounds left. We are going to need to get to the bus with no mishaps because we needed to save our bullets for when we got to the SUV. There we would most likely use all of our remaining ammo holding off the Unluckys, while we transferred everything from the SUV to the bus. Once that was done we would be able to use our reusable weapon for any further obstacles.

A few minutes later, we were ready to make our move. Each of us had at least one weapon. I had the shotgun in one hand and the fire axe in the other. I looked over to my son and he gave me a nod confirming he was ready to go. I told Richard to open the door. As he did we were greeted with thousands of angry Unluckys!

To be continued…

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