The End: Story Two - End of the Line Part 2 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
End of the Line Part 2
By: David K. Montoya

I felt a pair of soft hands, one behind my back and the other under my neck, slowly pulling me up into a sitting position. As I opened my eyes, I saw Renee’s beautiful face staring back at me. She gave me a slight smile and told me that I could do it. I felt the creature grab me by the hair and yank me back up, only to knock me down to the ground. Baxter jumped on top of me and wrapped his hands around my neck. He began to squeeze; my airway was completely closed, I couldn’t breathe! I tried to pull his hands away from my throat, but his grip was too strong, which caused me to loose my nerve. I was flooded with panic and fright; I knew that I was going to die! But then something happened. My fear began to turn into anger. I felt it pumping through my body. Before I knew it, I started groaning and hissing, the urge to kill became overwhelming. I wanted him dead!

I grabbed his throat, boring my fingers into the Unlucky’s leathery skin. In return I felt his nails cutting into my neck. When I looked up at Carter I noticed that he had a different look to him, a wild look, more beast and less human. As he began to speak, only growls came out and in that moment, I realized he was losing control. He was becoming more monster-like, but I started to get lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

I needed to do something and do it now, before I blacked out. I did the first thing that came to mind and bit Baxter’s nose off! Blood spewed from the location his nose used to be. After that I was able to push him off of me.

Once the creature was off of me, I felt the blood flow return. As quickly as I could, I got back up and kicked him in his already bloodied face, which caused him to fly backward into the large wooden desk. He slid down until he was flat on his back. I waited for Carter to get back up, but he never did. The creature was unconscious. I walked over to the desk and picked up the ring of keys. It was over, I won. Before I walked away, I noticed Baxter was coming to as he pulled his knees up.

I crammed the keys into my pocket and grabbed onto the desk and started to pull up on it. By that time Baxter had began to make noise. I continued to lift up on the desk with all of my might. Finally, with one final tug I caused the desk to flip. It landed on top of Carter’s head, instantly killing him. Dark tarry blood oozed out from underneath the mahogany. The body jerked and twitched as I walked by it. I walked past the others without saying anything and they followed. Before I left the room, I locked the door and closed it behind me.

We quickly backtracked and walked past the classrooms, until we were standing inside the odd white room. I told the others I believed the stairs that led down would take us back into the lobby. With a slight chuckle Michael reminded me that I had a map of the school in my back pocket. I pulled it out and reviewed the chart and found that I was correct. The stairs did indeed lead down to the lobby.

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