The End: Story Two - End of the Line Part 2 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
End of the Line Part 2
By: David K. Montoya

The professor asked the creature how did we come into play with this whole thing? Baxter walked back to the large desk and sat down, placing a set of keys in the center.

He said that we were the first group of normal people he had seen, besides his son, since he came to Ely. Baxter wanted us to stay there with him and promised that none of the Unluckys would harm us.

It was Richard's turn to interrupt our host by demanding the keys. He threatened Baxter, saying we would take them by force, which caused the creature to break an evil smile. Carter reached out and grabbed the keys only to pull them back to him. He said that he had a deal to make us. Baxter explained that if we could defeat him in a fight, the keys would be ours. But, if he were to be the victor, all of us would remain in Ely until the end of our days.

As I was about to speak, he interrupted by telling us that it would be between him and I, with no help. If any of the others were to join in, we would forfeit the deal and have to stay there forever.

Before I could say anything Richard stepped up, drawing his gun and aiming it directly at Carter. He demanded the Unlucky hand over the keys or he was going to shoot him in the head. The creature jumped to his feet, leaped over the desk, pulled the gun from my brother and with the other hand grabbed him by the throat and threw him over the large desk.

Richard quickly got back to his feet to take a swing at Baxter, who in return grabbed his arm and slammed it down onto the top of the desk. He placed the barrel of the gun in the middle of Rich’s palm and then fired. My brother screamed in pain as he brought his hand back up. I saw that the bullet had gone directly through his hand, leaving a bloody, gaping hole in the center of his palm. I pulled my brother back over to us and told the professor to take a look at the wound.

Baxter called my name. As I turned to face him he tossed the gun to me and asked me if we had a deal? I looked over to the others; Michael nodded in approval as did the rest of the group. I turned back toward the creature and before I could finish my sentence of acceptance, Carter had already charged me. Before I knew it I was being tossed over the desk, landing hard on the other side. As I pulled myself back up, I felt something warm running down my chest. Baxter had opened the wound on my neck. Before I was completely back on my feet, the creature rushed me once again, cutting my face with his claw-like nails. I collapsed back down to the ground. Like my chest, I felt the warmth of my blood streaming down my face. I was getting killed. The hybrid was much stronger than any Unlucky I had ever faced before.

I was pulled back up and knocked back over the desk, landing by the others. I did not try to get back up. I only laid there listening to everyone cheering me on, but I knew that wasn’t going to do me any good.

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