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Hi boys and girls! Moviegoer Grim back at you after spending a small stint in the pokey (thanks, Rick, for puttin' up the bail) and the movie man is MIA this month, even though I have a fairly good idea where he's hidden -wink, wink-. Okay, so I am going to move right along, and start the reviews. This month I am going to review four new films that have been recently released on DVD--one comedy, one cartoon, and two ghastly horror flicks.

First on my list is the latest film by Adam Sandler, were he plays Michael Newman, a family man whose busy career as an architect does not leave much time for his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and his two kids. Unable one day to determine which of his many remotes would turn on the TV, he decides he needs a universal remote control that does it all. On his search for the perfect device, he meets Morty (Christopher Walken) who gives him a one-of-a-kind remote that has magical powers. With each Click, Michael can control more than his TV, he is able to control his life. But complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

This is one of the best films I have seen this year; it has it all, as it will make you laugh, cry, and possibly make you think about what is important in your own life. So, for "Click" I am pleased to offer up four great howls of pleasure !

Next up we take a look at the remake of the 1976 horror classic, "The Omen." The story stags somewhat the same Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine have a son who dies at birth, and without telling Katherine Robert substitutes an orphan. The couple name the boy Damien and raise him as their own. But as the boy grows older, strange things begin to happen, and it starts to look as though the child may be the Antichrist!

This remake falls into the same fate as the others that have come before it, and even though the story was well done, it just did not grab me like the original did and also I felt that the acting was overdone, which earned "The Omen" one and a half howls of pleasure .

The third film that we will review is actually a cartoon. Created by Pixar and released through Disney pictures is their latest "Animated" movie "Cars." With the likes of Paul Newman, Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin and Larry the cable guy lending their voices to tell the tale of a rookie race car, Lighting McQueen (Wilson), who's the latest hot thing on the track. Lightning's on the fast-track to super stardom and headed toward the biggest race of his young career when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by autos who lived a life at a much slower pace. After a little run-in with the law, Lightning's forced to spend time fixing up a section of the legendary Route 66 that runs trough the middle of Radiator Springs. While working off a debt to the town, McQueen begins to understand why all of the citizens love their little town and finds time for a little romance.

This movie is great for all ages, very well done with a deeper meaning hidden in the context of the film. For Walt Disney's "Cars" I give three howls of pleasure .

The last movie I want to go over with all of you is an independent horror film titled, "An American Haunting." Based on true events that took place in Tennessee during the 1800s, "An American Haunting" tells of the only documented case in U.S. history in which a spirit caused a person's death.

The best film of 2006, I was pulled into the story and I have to admit that I jumped a few times, which helped me give "An American Haunting" four amazing howls of pleasure .

All right, thatís it for me, hopefully the Movie Man will show up next month, so remember, don't take my word on these movies, get out there and see them yourself. So until next time, I remain...

Moviegoer Grim

All right, gang, it's Reaper Rick back at ya this month with some short but not so sweet reviews. First off, I was disappointed with, "The Break-Up." I like Vince Vaughn--he is usually a pretty funny guy and I was expecting some great laughs when he and Jennifer Aniston got together for this flick. Unfortunately, all I got from the entire movie were a few chuckles. Most of the time the two of them were screaming at each other over trivial crap which eventually led to their 'Break-Up.' And it wasn't even funny fighting. It was almost as if the Director, Peyton Reed, couldn't decide whether he was making a comedy or a drama. Sad, sad, sad. Seeing a naked Jennifer Aniston for about 3 seconds during the movie didn't even cover the cost of a rental, so I have to give "The Break-Up" a bare (no pun intended), One Howl of Pleasure for a few chuckles and some good costar acting .

Next up was another disappointment. "M:I:III" contained lots of action, but it is getting to the point where even the action scenes should be deemed, 'Impossible.' This movie opens near the end of the flick--I thought something was wrong with my DVD for several minutes--and then jumps back to the beginning. So with a somewhat confusing start, the movie then winds its way through one truly impossible scene after another, and the viewer begins to wonder how any of these things could have been done in the time frame allowed within the movie itself. But, there was lots of action, so if you are an 'action junkie,' this might be a film you would want to see. I myself do not appreciate movies which assume the audience has no mental capacity to see past script inadequacies. So, for lots of action and a surprise 'bad guy' ending, I give "M:I:III" One lowly Howl of Pleasure .

Finally, a movie that had some good points. "Silent Hill" has been reviewed here before, but when I saw it, I wanted to throw in my two cents. This movie is based on a popular video game and unfortunately, if you are not familiar with the game, you might be a bit lost when the movie begins. Basically, a woman has a young daughter who has nightmares and sleepwalks and who mentions a place called Silent Hill while having these nightmares. I still am not sure why the woman takes herself and her daughter in search of this 'ghost town,' but she does and then loses her daughter after a car crash outside the town. And this is where it gets good.

Searching for her daughter, the mother (Rose) eventually discovers the entire town is haunted by demons and ghosts, all of whom are trying to kill her and her daughter. But this isn't an ordinary ghost town. It apparently slips in and out of more than one dimension--one which appears normal on the outside, one which is slightly haunted and one which is just a step or two away from Hell.

Freaky, sometimes gross, spooky, killer weird and great special effects, scenic design and photography make this movie worth watching, even if you don't know exactly what is going on. This movie has one great, gross, scary scene after another. One problem was the background sounds--sometimes music and frequently a loud air raid siren--made it hard to always hear the dialog, but it was a good, campy flick, nonetheless. I give "Silent Hill" Three rousing Howls of Pleasure .

Okay, that's it for me, this month. The holidays are approaching, so enjoy yourselves, but be careful out there. And see some 'Good' movies!

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