My Sickness by Kevin Magnus


My Sickness
By: Kevin Magnus

I am sick and afraid that I might die,
But no one has an answer as to why.
These days, all I can do is sit in my darkened room and cry,
People ask me if I am okay and all I can do is lie.

"Yes," I tell them with a weak smile on my sickly face.
Even though I know a cold grave will be my resting place.
Satisfied, they walk away thinking, 'What a waste.'

I only wish that death would finish Its fateful task,
So I could stop suffering--is that too much to ask?

But I know that will not happen, because It enjoys my misery.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a senior contributor to the site. He was one of the first poets to contribute in the first issue of “The World of Myth”. Now into what he feels his PRIME Magnus attempts to produce the best possible pieces for this magazine!
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