The End: Story Two - End of the Line By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
End of the Line
By: David K. Montoya

After a few moments passed the Unlucky finally lay still, completely lifeless, engulfed in its own blood. That sight soothed the rage that was inside me. It was rapidly replaced with a strong feeling of what I can only describe as pure blood lust. As I walked away and headed toward the exit that led to the other wing, I tried my best to keep my wits about me. I could feel myself slipping further away, becoming more like one of them, craving the blood lust. I wanted to go back and inflict more havoc on the bloody corpse, but instead I remained strong enough to walk through the threshold to the other side.

Once I passed through the doorway, I only took a dozen or so steps before I reached a large counter. As I looked around, I saw a few full sized desks placed in an order that gave the appearance that it was a part of a giant maze. I realized then where we were--in the administrative level of the school building. I walked over to a large open part of the counter, and with a fast swipe of my hand I pushed any items that were in my way to the ground so I could place the map down and review it with a bit more ease.

I gathered everyone over to the map, and after a thorough assessment of the chart, I learned that I was correct in my assumption; we were indeed in the administrative sector of the building. Just past the maze of desks that lay in front of me was the Principal's office. I turned to everyone and told them that hopefully the keys were just beyond the door across the room. They began to walk and I grabbed my sonís arm. He stopped to see why I had halted him.

He would not look me in the eyes, as I tried to look into his. I told him to not abandon me; I was his Father and if I was to get through everything that had been going on, I would need his support. Finally, he looked at me and told me that he did not want to see his father turn into an Unlucky. After which he broke down into tears and embraced me. I explained that I hadnít turned yet, and with everyoneís help we would get to Haven so the professor could get me the cure. When I looked up I saw the others standing around me. Rose said that no one was going to abandon me, that we were all family and that we would see it to the very end. The professor told me that he owed his life to me since I helped him escape his prison in Palace city, and then Renee stepped in to remind me that I had saved her life back in Airepseh from those Unlucky's who had hopes of making a meal of her.

Richard interrupted Renee to let me know that he did not owe me anything. It was my decision to rescue him from the Palace City prisons, he never asked for my or any other personís help. He was about to say something else before I cut him short and told him that he may not owe anything to me, but his lifeís debt was owed to my daughter. Richard stood there for a moment without saying a word. Finally he sighed and told me to lead the way. I folded the map and placed it back into my pocket before I walked over to the other side of the counters. We moved between the puzzle-like layout of the complex, until I found a dead end. I tried to move the desk to create a clearance only to find out that it was bolted to the floor. I decided instead of going around the large metal desks, to go over them. One by one we made our way past the obstacles, until we were standing in front of a door labeled, "Principals Office".

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