Possession By: Kevin Adams


By: Kevin Adams

For several years Lynn Powers had been a rational woman who analyzed and picked apart data day in and day out. Yet her true passion was one she could not easily share with others for fear of ridicule. Her closest confidant was also her greatest supporter, her son Brian, who on occasion might come close to winning an argument with her.

So it was no shock to her when her son decided to become a Ghost Hunter right along with her. Ever since the age of nine he was fascinated with his mother’s studies of the paranormal; he would listen to tapes of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) for hours, helping in the hunt. He would always double check the batteries in all her gear, in the hope she would capture evidence and bring him back some footage as a reward.

Up to now she only let him dream about the actual hunt for evidence, but as he had recently graduated at the top of his class she would deny him no longer. She had recently acquired a new client who had heard that she was a paranormal investigator. This was to be Brian’s first hunt with her; the excitement in his eyes only fueled her own desire to delve into the paranormal once again.

Many years ago when she attempted to contact her husband, who had been prematurely relieved of his own life, that effort caused her to delve further into the study of earthbound spirits. Yet her attempts had been unfruitful, but only in ‘her’ case, because as her experience grew others began to notice and request her services. She had since found several cases where unusual photos would show vortices and unexplained orbs of light. There had even been cases where she successfully filmed doors opening on their own and tapes that recorded crystal clear EVP. Yet there always remained the one spirit she desired most to contact--all she had left of him was a necklace which held a lock of his hair.

Lynn and Brian arrived at the home of the ‘haunted,’ which was the term for those living with ghosts and/or other unexplainable phenomena. Her son quickly jumped out of the vehicle and went right to work--he opened up the back gate of their truck and shuffled though the gear in preparation for the coming hunt.

She smiled at his youthful eagerness; his smile matched his father’s. James would have been so proud of the man Brian was becoming. Her thoughts shifted from the busy youth to that of a normal looking house in a neighborhood much like her own. As she moved toward the home quick footsteps echoed in the crisp night air behind her; he was hard on her heels trying to be a good assistant.

As the door front opened Lynn was met by Emily, the owner of the house. Her visage was that of an extremely troubled young woman, which seemed strange because in most cases it was an older person who experienced ‘troubles.’ Once inside, Lynn and Brian quickly set up digital cam corders with infrared illuminators along with motion sensors and audio recorders. As a team they were in perfect unison; they both worked toward the goal of helping the young lady, as well as to hopefully gain some evidence in the process.

Lynn caught herself smiling as she looked down at Brian still feverishly working on some of the remaining power cables. She never noticed the set of glowing red eyes which peered at her from a dark distant corner. Yet the hairs on the back of her neck did stand on end when she caught an offending odor of brimstone.

“This may not be a usual ‘residual’ haunting like I normally encounter,” Lynn admitted. Brian heard the obvious motherly concern in her voice and at the same time his own interest was peaked. “What do you mean mom?” She had meant to educate him a little more before his first hunt, but experience was often a better teacher. “There are three types of haunting," she explained. "They are ‘Intelligent or Human,' 'Residual,' which is what I normally get, and then the worst is 'Demonic,' which I don’t want to even get near.”

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About the Author

An Indiana native, Kevin Adams was the coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising," working along with Steve Bolin. Kevin has studied Isshinryu karate for four years, and provided insights on the martial arts aspect of "Black Rising." He is happily married, and when not working as an automotive service consultant, enjoys spoiling his daughter. The book which Kevin was coauthor of is available at:
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