The World of Myth by Kevin Adams


The World of Myth
By: Kevin Adams

T ry not to look behind you
H ear the sounds of night creep close
E njoy your last minutes on earth

W here else can unusual stories gather?
O nly here are they happy
R eality is bent on a constant basis
L iberate your creative side
D elve into the darkness or the light

O pen your mind to what might be
F ear can sometimes be healthy

M yths gather strength over time
Y ou cannot escape their snare
T errible fates and heartfelt words
H ere is where they all reside

About the Author

An Indiana native, Kevin Adams was the coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising," working along with Steve Bolin. Kevin has studied Isshinryu karate for four years, and provided insights on the martial arts aspect of "Black Rising." He is happily married, and when not working as an automotive service consultant, enjoys spoiling his daughter. The book which Kevin was coauthor of is available at:
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